So…What’s Going on with the Walt Disney World Railroad in the Magic Kingdom?

Although there’s something so special about seeing Cinderella Castle standing tall in the Magic Kingdom, we’ve been missing the Walt Disney World Railroad welcoming us to the parks each day.

Walt Disney World Railroad Station 2019

The railroad has been closed to guests for awhile now. When the attraction originally closed to guests, it was partly due to the construction on the TRON Lightcycle Power Run coaster coming to Tomorrowland. Although the closure was announced back in 2018, the Railroad has yet to open as 2021 begins.

So, what exactly is going on with the Walt Disney World Railroad? Here’s everything you need to know!

As the Railroad has continually put up more construction scrims around the entryway (with new looks that have been updated continually), we’ve waited to hear anything about the when it would be reopening.

Train Station scrims

Since the beloved attraction decided to conduct its own refurbishment in the midst of the construction, the stations around the Magic Kingdom have also closed to guests during this time. One of the biggest reasons that there hasn’t been much news about the Walt Disney World Railroad re-opening is due to the fact that the track is currently being rerouted to accommodate the TRON coaster.

TRON Construction

There’s a possibility we won’t see a reopening date for the Railroad until TRON construction is completed. Disney aimed for a 2021 opening during the 50th anniversary, but the coaster hasn’t been listed under Disney World’s prioritized park projects with the attraction reportedly delayed until past 2021 instead.

TRON Construction

While we’ve kept an eye on the construction, Disney hasn’t provided too many details about when (or even if) TRON will officially open in the Magic Kingdom this year with its recently announced delays. Now that the Railroad’s track is being moved around, it’s reopening will all depend on the Tomorrowland’s track and station being completed as well. And, as long as TRON isn’t finished, it might be a while before we see the Walt Disney World Railroad back in action.

Winnie the Pooh Pals

We’ll be sure to keep you updated on everything you need to know about the Railroad’s opening and completed refurbishment as soon as we know more details!

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Do you miss the Magic Kingdom Railroad? Let us know in the comments below!

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16 Replies to “So…What’s Going on with the Walt Disney World Railroad in the Magic Kingdom?”

  1. Does anyone have a photo of the new WDW railroad track layout?
    Like a park map with the :
    old track vs the new track

  2. From a purely project management point of view, this situation is absurd. They shutter one of the most historic and beloved attractions in the entire Walt Disney World complex for a ride they cannot even finish. Then they have NO idea when they will finish that ride. Now they have crippled the railroad AND they still have no new Tron ride. It’s fireable nonsense. I agree with a previous poster: I will NOT plan to return unless and until they start that train back up. Disney, you’re screwing up. And don’t tell us it’s COVID’s fault. You started this back in 2018 long before COVID came along. If Walt were around today, he’d be disgusted and he would be firing people.

  3. I love the railroad 💕 i hope it’s running soon. Although I hate the next look of renovations. I hope it eventually changes back to the older, antique looking buildings.

  4. I’m glad to hear that they are in fact replacing the tracks. Maybe the train will actually run again. I had predicted that the train would ultimately end up permanently parked when Tron started. They never gave an expected end date to the closure which is not the norm. It took years before 20,000 Leagues officially got shut down after it went into “temporary closure”, never to open again.

  5. They have finished rebuilding the entire railroad except for what has to pass the TRON coaster. They surely must know the plan for how the railroad needs to be diverted around this coaster. The railroad needs to be running for the 50th anniversary.

  6. Wouldn’t it have been genius for Disney to have run the train in a loop that gave guests their iconic Disney Train welcome, just not available for guests, rather a decorative showpiece. The train whistle is synonymous with a visit to WDW! It must feel eerily quiet without the sight and sounds of the iconic old fashioned steam engine clanking along on the railroad tracks.

  7. I really don’t know why Disney don’t give more info about what’s going on. Surely it would improve the guest experience if they had some sort of idea how long attractions were going to be closed for.

  8. I wish they would finish the new tract and open the railway, even in the coaster is not open. The railway is part of Disneyworld history and should be open for the 50th anniversary

    1. I agree. We all know Walt loved his trains and would want it open for the 50th. Maybe, hopefully that will happen.