Nine Disney Characters We Want To See Run For President

We all have our favorite Disney characters and wish that they were real. We’d want them as friends, neighbors, co-workers — even as our rope drop BFFs. Our world would be a cartoony wonderland like in Who Framed Roger Rabbit (and we would love it!).

Who Framed Roger Rabbit @Disney

With the next presidential election in November, we got to thinking about which Disney characters we’d like to see enter the race. (Of course, this is all in good fun — so let’s get goofy!)

Hall of Presidents

Jiminy Cricket

We figured we should start with the best possible option in the Disney catalog of characters: Jiminy Cricket. Pinocchio’s conscience would be the perfect person (or cricket) to guide us as a country. With a kind word and a touching song, he would have everyone’s best interests in mind. Coming from humble beginnings and being chosen for a higher calling sounds like a noble leader from our country’s past: Honest Abe. Jiminy Cricket would keep us honest and on the straight and narrow.



Wart, also known as King Arthur, is one of the greatest leaders of legend. In The Sword in the Stone, young Wart gets trained by the wizard Merlin and taught lessons about life. During these lessons Wart and Merlin turn into different animals, and Wart learns to see the world from others’ points of view. That is the kind of wisdom and understanding that we could benefit from in a leader.


Bernard and Bianca

This one is cheating a little bit since it is two characters, but it is impossible to pick one or the other.  Bernard is the cautious one, who thinks about every move he makes. While Bianca is the brave one who acts first. Together they create a balance and actually bring out the best in each other. In the face of danger, they always come through and do what is best for the kids in need.



Moana is one of the bravest Disney characters. She goes against what is expected of her by her family to do what she knows is right. She goes on a daring adventure filled with gods and monsters. And in the end she saves her people by having compassion for Te Ka’s loss of the Heart of Te Fiti. Armed with tenacity, kindness, and understanding, Moana figures out that not all monsters are evil, sometimes they just need their hearts restored.

Kermit the Frog

If the West Wing has taught us anything it’s that being president means you’re surrounded by a crazy cast of characters, and there is always a major crisis. There is no Disney character more suited to deal with that than Kermit the Frog. Constantly put up against impossible odds like pirates and evil oil barons and armed only with a band of misfits, Kermit always comes out on top (sort of). Kermit also knows what it’s like to be knocked down, and he never gives up.



One of the best parents and leaders in any Disney movie is Mufasa, a benevolent leader who only wants the best for his people. He understands that everyone and everything is important and plays a vital role in the circle of life. He even tries to look for the best in his scoundrel of a brother, which probably wasn’t his smartest move. And with Zazu as a cautious advisor he can’t go wrong.


Princess Atta

A Bug’s Life is one of the most underrated Disney movies, and Princess Atta is the most underrated Disney princess. She is a strong and brave leader who embraces new ideas from her people. She stands up against the grasshoppers and frees her people from indentured servitude. She helps integrate new technologies into their way of life and cares about the well being of her people.


Mrs. Beakley

There is one person in Duckburg who keeps it together: Mrs. Beakley. If we look at the 1987 Mrs. Beakley, she was the classic governess and housekeeper who managed to round up four small rambunctious ducks and one eccentric older duck every week. And if we look at the reboot Mrs. Beakley we get a former spy who could scare any misbehaving child into submission. Both would be excellent options for president. They’d keep everything orderly and make sure that we were safe from mummies and Beagle Boys.



There is only one bear that we would trust to run this country, and he would make sure we would have the bare necessities of what we need. Okay, so maybe we only picked him so we could make that joke. At least we’d have fun with him and bellies full of honey. And everyday would end with a relaxing float down the river.


These are just a few of the Disney characters we love and think would make great presidential candidates.

Who are some of your favorite Disney characters? Let us know in the comments.

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