What Constitutes as a Face Mask in Disney World? We’ve Got All the Details Here!

UPDATE! As of July 2020, Disney’s policy on face masks has changed, with gaiters and bandanas no longer allowed. You can read about the new face mask policy here!

We’ve been going to Disney Springs every day to bring you all the newest things in the shopping and dining district.

World of Disney in Disney Springs

While Disney Springs has implemented a face mask requirement for guests and Cast Members, Disney World will be doing the same when the parks reopen on July 11th and July 15th.

On top of needing to wear face masks in the parks, Disney will also require everyone to wear them in public places at the hotels. Although we know anyone over the age of two has to wear them, we were never given much information on what constitutes as a mask.

Guests with Masks

According to one of the Managers at Disney Springs, any mask that covers the nose and mouth will be permitted. If you’re wearing a wrap around mask, regular bandana, or scarf that covers your face properly, you’ll be allowed on property wearing it.

Cast Member

However, if you aren’t wearing something that covers your nose and mouth, Disney has the right to turn you away. The parks also hope to implement relaxation zones that will be similar to the URest locations in Universal Orlando, where guests can take their masks off while distancing from one another.


Although Disney may continue to change the requirements surrounding face masks, we will continue to keep you updated!

Here’s what it was like to return to a theme park wearing a face mask!

Have you been back to Disney or Universal wearing a face mask? What was your experience? Let us know in the comments below!

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11 Replies to “What Constitutes as a Face Mask in Disney World? We’ve Got All the Details Here!”

  1. I do hope that Disney will address face mask and those with disabilities. I am offical dead and rely on lip reading. This really hinger me with understanding. I do understand the reason for the face mask but am having a hard time understanding.

    1. I saw that there is an ap for your smart phone that can real time translate voice to text for you to read.This might help you.

  2. I thought I read somewhere that for the parks you had to have a mask that tied around your head or one that went around your ears. They were not allowing the neck gaiter/buffs. Disney Springs they were but not in the parks.

  3. If the parks have an area to take off your mask for a while and the are other guest there with their mask off, then why wear a mask at all? Are there “cast members” to monitor time aloud per visitor? What about social distancing? CDC recommends wearing cloth face coverings and it does not require masks per their website.

  4. I have a trip planned the end of August. I have a tip to share. I purchased face masks from the company that makes the purple bed mattresses, & they are amazing! Like a lot of people, I wish we didn’t have to wear them, but for now, we do. These face masks are breathable, soft & keep you cool! If you wear glasses, these do not steam up your glasses! You get 2 in a pack for $20. If you are going to Disney & need some face masks that will keep you cool, buy these!

    1. Even if someone couldn’t wear cloth directly against their face, a face shield would avoid that problem, and apparently they are okay. There are some really cute sun hats with face shields on Amazon. They are mostly for women but I saw some men’s styles as well. You can also buy face shields that just hang down like a long visor.

      1. I’ve seen those hats, they look great for kids. My niece is trying those for her son who has autism. Unfortunately, I haven’t found anything that works for my sister. She uses a wheelchair with a headrest that comes out on either side of her head. She’s also non-verbal and nods and shakes her head to indicate yes and no.
        Disney is so good accommodating people with disabilities I am surprised they haven’t addressed it.