NEWS: Disney World Hopes to Implement “Relaxation Zones” for Guests to Take Off Their Masks!

Today is a BIG day in theme park news!

Haunted Mansion

Disney World has announced a proposal for reopening its parks on July 11th and July 15th. On top of the new health and safety guidelines, theme park reservation system, and “social distancing squad, Disney World is also looking at the potential for implementing “relaxation zones” where guests would be able to take off the required face mask.

While theme parks around the world have been requiring guests to wear masks when entering (including Disney Springs and Universal Orlando), Disney World understands that it can be difficult to wear them constantly throughout the day.

Guests with Masks

Currently, the parks are looking into the potential for setting up “relaxation zones” where guests will safely be able to take off their masks. Although we don’t have any details on how these will work yet, there will most likely be increased social distancing measures in place in these areas to keep everyone safe.

Empty Disney Springs

While guests will still be required to wear masks at all times during the parks, these relaxation zones would give visitors the opportunity to breathe without the mask. Since the heat in Florida can be challenging with personal protection equipment (or PPE), this would be a chance for guests of all ages to “take a break” while they are in a Disney World park.

Cast Member

Even though we don’t have any more details during this time, we will continue to keep you updated on more information!

Take a look at ALL the details of Disney World’s reopening here!

Will you be heading to Disney World when it reopens in July? Let us know in the comments below!

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18 Replies to “NEWS: Disney World Hopes to Implement “Relaxation Zones” for Guests to Take Off Their Masks!”

  1. Mask & Social Distancing. Sorry, overkill, we will not go if a mask is required. If someone is high risk, WHY would you even want to go to Disney. Also, looks as though you have to say what park you are going to which day, to control the amount of people in there, so I guess that means no more park hopping, maybe that’s why they are going to make you pay for a magic band too.

  2. So I have to wear a mask at the park.
    But I can’t during “Boo To You” partys’ or in October ? Eh ?

  3. We have Labor Day week reservations (postponed from May). We plan to attend. Wondering though when we will see our AP expiration dates extended and when the advance reservation system will be active. We will wear our masks to protect others.

  4. We live about 30 minutes from Disney but will not be coming for a visit until the virus has been controlled. I feel with the reopening and people are not following social distancing and wearing masks it is hard to believe they will follow the rules in Disney. We will see you after the pandemic or when people learn to follow the rules of the CDC.

  5. I would think keeping your hands washed and having more sanitizer stations as well as the temp check upon entering would suffice. As stated an N-95 mask is virus proof but you would not be able to wear one of these and walk the parks. you would be in full sweat and struggling to breathe. I applaud the efforts but masks should be optional, not required. JMHO

  6. Another huge WDW fan here, but, I doubt I will return to the parks until things get closer to normal. I don’t have an issue with the mask requirement although I question the effectiveness when children will not be required to wear them. Seems to me the kids could get sick and pass it on to their parents once out of the parks. It’s an attempt to help prevent the spread and I can appreciate that.
    My issue is the lack of magic being there. NO parades, NO fireworks, NO character buffets? That’s half of what we go for. I can go to much closer parks and much cheaper parks just to ride rides. I don’t mean to be condemning Disney here, they are doing what they think is best but I really think I would just get depressed visiting without all the usual stuff. Everybody’s in a tough spot with this issue. We all want them to open the parks and obviously they need them open for financial reasons. I’m glad they are trying to “open” the parks, but I’m not sure what they propose is “open” enough for me. The “reservation” system to enter the park sounds like a nightmare to me. How do I buy tickets in advance for an upcoming trip that are priced according to my travel dates yet Disney still require me to make reservations? At today’s ticket prices, I’m not paying for tickets in advance and traveling to WDW just to find out I may possibly not get a reservation to enter the park!! Maybe it’s time they cancel and refund the AP’s so that they can limit ticket sales to reflect the reduced park capacity. Again, I know it’s been tough on Disney, but I’ll probably be waiting until the dust settles, the kinks are worked out, and of course, see if Covid-19 flares up after everything gets going. Don’t mean to be negative, but it’s just too expensive to gamble on all the unknowns for me right now.

  7. We have an existing reservation for July 15th-20th – I’m curious as to how the magical express will work – and if it doesn’t we’ll have to find some other way. But I am excited to be there. We will be staying at the Grand Floridian.

  8. My family LOVES Disney but there’s no way we would go again until masks are no longer a requirement.

  9. I’m sorry, but no. I’m the biggest Disney fan ever but will not visit as long as masks are required. There are studies that continual wearing of masks actually does more harm to an otherwise healthy individual. I will not be breathing in my own CO2 all day in the heat. Also, exposure to germs builds our immunity and limiting exposure will weaken it. Masks for those who have underlying health issues and need to protect themselves is fine but I won’t go anywhere where someone tries to mandate one for me. Frankly they’re a false sense of security anyway, the virus particles are small enough to pass through.

    1. You are 100% correct. So glad that someone else is educated on the virus particle size. I am a respiratory therapist and know that these masks do absolutely nothing to prevent the particle size of this virus from escaping, it goes right through. So all these pro mask people are doing nothing to protect others. Won’t be going to Disney until masks are optional

    2. So, as a NP who has been in the surgical suites, etc., I have been wearing masks for 8-12 hours a day on some of my days for over 30 years and have lived to talk about it. The CO2 exposure is a propagated myth though I am unclear why anyone would have started that rumor or why it gained any steam. In addition, the masks are actually not about protecting you. They are about protecting others. That is why we wear them in the OR or with patients who are immunosuppressed or compromised. There are special masks, N95’s, that are designed to protect you. These are worn in the hospital when caring for Covid-19 patients, TB patients and the like. So many people are silent carriers of Covid-19 that the masks are actually about taking care of others… I am glad that Disney wants to take care of others and still allow the Magic to happen… Just my two cents…

        1. Jodi, we just canceled our September 13-19 trip. I had to make a decision by July 30 before I would start losing money on my reservation…we used dvc rental store. I felt like with my deadline to cancel for a full refund and just all the unknown on Disney’s part, I was skeptical and wasnt putting out all that money for half an experience.

      1. Thank you Laurel! The mask is for other people. And the propaganda around it is ridiculous. Either people want to do the right thing by their fellow man or they don’t. I am starting to really understand how selfish Americans are with the anti-mask movement!
        But I thank you for your common sense medical answer

      2. Thank you for that! Both my husband & I are in the high risk category for covid & here in NJ if you are NOT wearing a mask you will get a death stare. Stores etc will not allow you in without one. It’s not about protecting yourself it’s about protecting each other, we just have to look out for each other.
        “A little consideration, a little thought for others, makes all the difference.” – Winnie the Pooh