Everything You Need to Know About the Face Mask Requirement at Disney Springs

Update 5/28: Disney has amended its face covering policy to include guests two and older. The original policy required guests ages three and up to wear mask. See more here.

Disney Springs has begun its phased reopening and is welcoming guests for the first time since the global health crisis necessitated the shopping, entertainment, and dining district’s closure two months ago.

Disney Springs has begun its phased reopening!

We are on-site and gathering all the intel you need in order to plan your trip to Disney Springs with current health and safety protocols in place. Among the current protocols is a requirement for guests ages three and older to wear a face mask while in Disney Springs, with no exceptions when it comes to gaining entry to the shopping and dining complex.

We’re sharing logistics about the face mask protocol and offering insight from our experiences wearing face masks in Disney Springs.

Hand Washing Stations and signs promoting protocols are available throughout the Springs.

Face Mask Protocol

There are several pieces of protocol to cover when it comes to wearing a face mask in Disney Springs. Much of this information was released prior to the reopening of the shopping and dining district. It includes an age requirement (guests three and up are required to wear masks) and locations where masks are required to be worn. Below is the official language from Disney.


Let’s take a step-by-step, logistical look at what the face mask requirement means for your Disney Springs visits.

Arriving and Entering Disney Springs

Face masks must be worn when entering Disney Springs. That means from the time you exit your vehicle, if you are three or older, you must be wearing a mask.

Orange Garage

Guests must provide their own masks. Molly is modeling her design of choice here.

Hi, Molly!

Walking Around and Shopping

After arriving at Disney Springs, your face mask must stay on during your visit. The only time when you are permitted to remove your mask is when you are seated for dining. Throughout Disney Springs, guests will see signs reminding them of the current protocols.

Health and Safety Protocols

Disney security and cast members are on hand to remind guests of the protocols as well.


There’s also a special team of Cast Members whose job it is to remind folks of the protocols and keep spirits high.

Photo Credit: Disney

Read more about this group of Cast Members here!


When sitting down at Table Service dining, guests are able to remove their masks. In our experience, restaurants have had signs requesting diners keep their masks on “unless seated at your table.”

The Boathouse Sign

For guests purchasing Quick Service or kiosk foods and beverages where seating for dining is not available, masks must remain on at all times. Instead, guests may lower or raise their masks in order to take a bite or a sip.

Each third-party vendor has protocols in place, including markings for social distancing and instructions to keep service areas clear.

Starbucks Signs

In the case of Joffrey’s, guests were not permitted to drink or eat inside the shop. They had to take their purchases outside before lifting or lowering their masks to eat or drink.

Joffrey’s Location in Disney Springs

Click here for more information about dining in Disney Springs during the reopening, including visits to your favorite restaurants and snack stands to see how they’re managing health and safety protocols.

Departing Disney Springs

At the end of your visit, when wearing your mask — disposable or reusable — all the way to your car, you may want to have a plastic bag available in which to place your soiled mask before re-entering your vehicle. 

Are you planning on visiting Disney Springs soon? Or will you postpone your travel plans until this face mask policy is lifted? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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5 Replies to “Everything You Need to Know About the Face Mask Requirement at Disney Springs”

  1. Merriweather is right. Disney does “have to uphold the fantasy” so that folks will visit. That in itself is scary. We are giving people a sense of false security. According to Mayo clinics website,”Wearng a mask will lose any value unless it is combined with ‘social distancing’ and hand washing.” Wearing a mask apparently is in dispute among the WHO and CDC. According to CDC site u r not required to wear a mask if u r under 2 years old, have trouble breathing, or unconsious. What to do, what to do???? Social distancing and handwashing are more important. But that is harder for disney to control.

  2. Do you know if Disney is taking special needs into account with enforcing masks? My 10 year old autistic son absolutely will not wear a mask. Would they deny us entry?

    1. According to other stories I’ve seen, Disney is taking a “no budge” position on face coverings (masks are not required, technically speaking). If you are 3 are older you have to wear a covering even if you can’t for medical reasons. They have to uphold the fantasy that these requirements will actually protect you and keep you safe so that people will come.

      1. I was wondering the same thing. I have a 25 yr old special needs that will not keep anything on her face and was hoping to be able to visit Disney Springs in a couple weeks when we are in Orlando for a short visit. Guess time will tell if they allow for special circumstances.