NEWS: Disney World President Clarifies That Face Coverings Will Be ‘Required’ for Guests and Cast Members When Disney Springs Re-Opens

Yesterday, it was announced that Disney World Resort’s dining and shopping center, Disney Springs, would begin a gradual phased re-opening on May 20th.


In the initial announcement, it was confirmed that a limited number of third-party shopping and dining experiences will begin to open in Disney Springs on that date, with operational changes such as increased cleaning procedures, the use of face coverings by both Cast Members and guests, limited-contact guest services, and additional safety training for Cast Members. Now, a letter from President of Walt Disney World Resort, Josh D’Amaro, has clarified some of these new regulations.

The letter from Josh D’Amaro states that:

“Hello everyone,

Following recent state and local guidelines permitting the reopening of some Florida businesses, we’ve seen a strong interest in what our next steps may be. As we plan for the future, we’re keeping the health and well-being of both our cast members and our guests at the forefront of planning efforts.
Today, I’m pleased to share that we’re preparing for a phased reopening of select locations owned by third-party operating participants in the Disney Springs shopping and dining district, starting on May 20. We continue to monitor conditions and look forward to welcoming each of our guests back with enhanced health and safety measures in place including the changes below:
  • Limited capacity based on Florida state and local guidelines
  • Appropriate physical distancing
  • Requiring both our cast members and guests to wear face coverings
  • Additional cast safety training with a focus on limited-contact guest services and enhanced cleaning procedures”

While the previous announcement on the Disney Parks Blog made mention that they would be implementing “the use of face coverings by both Cast Members and guests”, the letter from D’Amaro clarifies that the use of face coverings by both guests and cast members will be a requirement.

Disney Springs

At this time, Disney has not officially announced any specific third-party retail stores or restaurants that will be re-opening, although restaurants such as Wine Bar George have announced on their own website that they will be part of the initial re-opening. We expect we will learn more information as we get closer to the planned May 20th gradual re-opening, so stay tuned to AllEars for all of the latest!

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21 Replies to “NEWS: Disney World President Clarifies That Face Coverings Will Be ‘Required’ for Guests and Cast Members When Disney Springs Re-Opens”

  1. I will wait until 2022 when there is vaccine and face masks are no longer required, just cancelled my families annual passes. Good to do outdoors things like camping and boating, where no face mask is necessary. Will just have to experience Disney through TV and video for the next two years. Its too bad we went every year about eight to nine times.

  2. Do you think a face shield will count as a face covering? they are easier for me to breathe in and think my kids will actually keep that on as opposed to mask.

  3. There is no way my family is going to wear a face mask at Disney World. I do not want a tan line from my nose up. I want to be able to breathe freely. I am supposed to be able to live freely. I wonder what they will do to those that enter and then don’t comply???? Seems to be the trend that is going where I live. Those who are afraid and compromised should not be going to Disney anyway. They should stay home and wear masks if they want to when they go out.

  4. I just cancelled my Disney world reservation for June 5th. I’m all for wearing a mask if you want, but to require people to wear one outside in Florida during the summer is craziness. It’s like wearing a scarf in 90+ degree heat with 80% humidity. I can’t imagine preschoolers doing this happily.

  5. If Disney requires masks we and so many we know will not be going. Mask wearing in the Florida heat isn’t wise or safe for so many guests and lacks commonsense. Removing masks to eat and drink alone will cause cross-contamination and be counterproductive. Do you think children are going to wear a mask effectively and consistently…are you going to require infants to wear masks too???? This is absolutely ridiculous. Bad form Disney, bad form.

  6. I am out. I am not wearing a mask that inhibits breathing in that heat! It will also give me heat rash on my face. So they would 100% be causing me harm by forcing me to wear something to “protect others” who if they are that worried about catching covid shouldn’t be going to Disney anyway. I also would be messing with it to drink water every 2 minutes so not only would I be contaminating my face, it would put me at risk of dehydration if I helf off drinking because of the hassle. I it will leave my reservation until my cancel in full date to see if they change this policy, but if it remains, they have lost my money until it goes away. Open and be open or stay closed.

  7. I go frequently to Disney springs and Disney world with my family. Until the this mask madness is gone I know many people, including my family, won’t be going. It’s too hot, plain stupid, and the CDC said not to. They said it’s like no shirt, no shoes, no service so it’s legal for them to do. They’re going to lose a ton of local business.

  8. My opinion is I see more people touching their face with mask on, then when we weren’t forced to wear mask in Maryland. So my guess would be that these people in mask and touching their face would spread the virus more. And if you are in Florida when it’s ungodly hot you will definitely be pulling on your mask constantly. No thank you.

  9. Also there has to be exceptions for disabilities that prevent people from wearing masks. Most people in Florida right now arent wearing them except at Food service places. This is ridiculous to make people wear them outside and I’m hopeful that the push back they will get I’ll change the policy. Florida is not California.

  10. Kind of hard to enjoy food and drink with a mask on. No thanks. Too hot. Hope the mask requirement doesn’t last long. I won’t be spending any money there until I can go without a face covering.

    1. Same here. I will be cancelling our summer reservations this weekend. I feel sorry for the cast members that will have to go around telling parents to tell there kids to keep their masks on. I’m not sure why anyone would want to pay for this kind of misery during the summer.

      1. It’s a good bet this policy will extend to the Parks when they re-open. And probably go through early 2021 when a vaccine finally comes out. As much as I love WDW – it’ll be at least a year before I even consider going back

  11. So, then, what….are we taking them off INside the restaurants when we eat, but then putting them back ON when we go OUTside??…🤷🏻‍♀️

    1. And taking them off to drink water every 2 minutes. It is really unhealthy to wear one for hours without stop anyway, but in that heat it becomes dangerous. They are going to have people passing out all over the place.