Have a Disney World Reservation Before June 22nd? You Can Now Modify It, But There’s a Catch

As Disney World prepares to reopen their theme parks and resorts, guests with existing reservations have waited anxiously to hear what their options are moving forward.


Previously, guests could only cancel existing reservations, and modifications were not being allowed. We’re now learning that modifications ARE being allowed, for guests with specific arrival dates.

Guests with check-in dates between now and June 21st are receiving word from Disney that they can modify their reservation. If the Guest does not modify the reservation by their arrival date, it will automatically be cancelled.

Grand Floridian Entrance

At this moment, if you wish to modify, it appears as though there are no limitations of when you can rebook for. There does, however, seem to be interesting restrictions on which resorts you can rebook to. Right now, those who are allowed to modify and wish to do so may ONLY rebook to DVC Deluxe Villas or Fort Wilderness Cabins.

Disney’s Polynesian Resort Lobby

So for example, if you had an existing reservation at Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort, and you would like to modify your reservation, you would HAVE to rebook into a DVC Deluxe Resort Villa, or to a cabin at Fort Wilderness.


Disney recently announced that their Disney Vacation Club Resorts as well as Fort Wilderness Lodge would be reopening on June 22nd, ahead of the theme parks. At this time, we do not know the status of the remaining Disney resort hotels.

This is a developing story so be sure to check back in as we learn more!

Do you have an existing reservation with an arrival date before June 22nd? If so, have you been in touch with Disney regarding modifying your reservation? Share your experience in the comments!

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7 Replies to “Have a Disney World Reservation Before June 22nd? You Can Now Modify It, But There’s a Catch”

  1. We have a poly booked for arrival June 22 – I mean, are people still going on these trips? If so, why? To go to Disney Springs?

  2. My vacation was set to be on June 13 th at the fort wilderness camp grounds. We even rented an RV. The campsites book almost a year in advance. I got really really lucky. They guy from the RV company got me in touch with a travel agent who got new dates for us at the end of Sept for 9 nights. Dates disney could not give me. I also got lucky and made my changes the week before disney announced the July opening dates.because I could see this coming. I think if I had waited I would not be happy.

  3. We originally had 3 rooms booked at a value
    a resort with 15% room discount. It was totally paid for with a quick service dining plan for 10 people and park hoppers tickets for 7 days. When they rescheduled us the cheapest thing we could get was over $5000 still owed not including food or park hoppers. Not cool Disney 🤬

  4. We were booked for Animal Kingdom Lodge starting June 14th. Our travel agent could only change us to a DVC, so now we are in a Deluxe Studio there—that only has one bed and a pullout couch! We had an offer code for 25% off this summer—we lost that and now our new reservations are almost $1800 more with NO food. I feel like Disney is letting us down by giving no discount—not even honoring our old one—and forcing us to book DVC. We wrote to customer service to complain and may cancel.

    1. Yes this whole thing is frustrating, we want to modify a prize vacation trip for next week and they won’t even help us, said thats a different dept and that dept is not even working, we dont want it to cancel but they refuse to help us, so sad we have a 5 yr old that is so excited to go, we would like to move it out to July if possible, but I feel like since its a prize they dont care, which is really sad.
      I hope someone can figure all this out soon for everyone

    2. Disney is currently offering rebooking some 35% off. You might ask your travel agent if you are getting that discount