Eight Things You Must Do at Walt Disney World’s Disney Springs

If you aren’t visiting Disney Springs on your vacation, you’re missing out on some fun and unique experiences at Walt Disney World.  Now that the World’s extensive shopping and dining complex is reopened, it’s time to consider how a Disney Springs visit can fit into your next trip!

Hot Air Balloon

So with that in mind, here are eight things you should absolutely consider folding into your next Disney Springs visit.

Become a Basketball Superstar at the NBA Experience

NBA Experience

Let’s start with the main attraction… or at least the largest one. The NBA Experience at Disney Springs opened in 2019 and lets sports fans enter the world of their favorite NBA stars.  Much like DisneyQuest before it, the NBA Experience is filled with interactive games and activities — but these are ones that basketball fans will love. Dunk like Jordan, or hone your dribbling skills with a virtual NBA tutor! You can even experience special photo-ops where you’re the number one draft pick or holding that coveted Championship trophy! Even if you’re not a basketball fan, the experience is interesting and immersive enough to warrant a look, and the games are fun even for novices.

Fly High Above The Springs

Hot Air Balloon Ticket Center

One of the first things you’ll likely see at Disney Springs is that beautiful blue hot air balloon that floats above the park. On days when the weather permits, you can take a flight high above the springs to take in an incredible view of the resort. With proper timing, you can even catch a glimpse of the fireworks from your vantage point in the sky. Guests visiting during the week can save big on this experience using Groupon, but keep in mind that Groupon tickets are only valid during off-peak times.

Take a Ride in the Amphicar

The BOATHOUSE Amphicars

The Boathouse features retro convertibles that hide a fun secret… they can drive on water! These Amphicars were manufactured in the 1960s and have been modified by Disney for maximum comfort and safety. If you’re a history buff, you’ll love to know that President Lyndon B. Johnson was infamous for pranking guests with his Amphicar by driving them directly into the lake while shouting about a break malfunction! For $125, you can take a ride in one of these cars yourself! If that’s too expensive, you can also enjoy the surrealism of a car on water from the shore. Our favorite vantage point is Jock Lindsey’s Hangar Bar, right next door.

Shop at World of Disney (and some other awesome stores)

World of Disney

World of Disney is the premiere shopping destination in Disney Springs, and it’s one of the best places to shop for souvenirs. World of Disney carries a lot of the merchandise exclusive to the parks, skipping the long lines and admission fees. However, it’s far from the only place worth visiting. The Marketplace Co-Op carries Disney merchandise you can’t find anywhere else, like works of art and elaborate dresses.

Minnie Mouse Garden Party Dress

Large chain stores like Uniqlo often offer location-exclusive merchandise, while other stores that don’t initially seem Disney specific (like Basin or the Spice and Tea Exchange) are actually unique to the Resort! Take a walk through them all and see what catches your eye!

Go Bowling (and Grab a Bite) at Splitsville.


Bowling seems like an odd choice for vacation fun, but Splitsville is one of the coolest spots at Disney Springs. In addition to providing some state-of-the-art bowling lanes with fun retro flair, this place also offers some great food and drinks. If you want a chill way to spend a day in the World, book a lane at Splitsville and strap on your bowling shoes. (Don’t forget to grab a bite to eat; it’s surprisingly tasty!)

Brave The VOID

The Void

Behind this unassuming building is a portal to another world. The VOID is one of the most immersive VR experiences ever conceived, combining practical effects with state of the art virtual reality headsets to immerse you in the worlds of Disney’s iconic IP. Fans of Star Wars can go undercover as a Stormtrooper to uncover the Secrets of the Empire in a Rogue One inspired squad shooter, complete with an appearance by K2-S0. You can also visit the net in Ralph Breaks VR. You’ll end up in a wild food fight at the Pancake Milkshake Diner, and explore some awesome video games. You’ll never look at VR the same way.

Eat a world-class meal.


Disney Springs has a ton of restaurants, many of which are run by celebrity chefs. While you don’t need to spend a fortune to eat at Disney Springs, it’s worth it to check out the options here, like Jaleo or Morimoto Asia. And you’ll find that many of the Table Service restaurants also offer a walk-up window option, too, that allows you to get a taste without the hefty price tag! If you’re looking for a more thematic experience, places like The Edison and T-Rex offer destination dining in exotic environments. To list them all would constitute an entire article… which we’ve already written! Let us know which one is your favorite in the comments!

Grab a Sweet Treat


Disney Springs has no shortage of sweets, from the custom creations of Amorette’s Pâtisserie to the decadent delights of the Candy Cauldron. However, one of our favorites is Sprinkles, home of the best cupcakes at Disney World! Whether you get the latest creations from the counter or grab one to go from the Cupcake ATM, Sprinkles is a must-visit. You can even grab a kit to make your own cupcakes up at home!

What’s your number one must do in Disney Springs? Let us know in the comments!

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