BREAKING NEWS: Disney World Will Submit Reopening Plans and Date Next Week

Earlier today, Universal Orlando submitted their reopening plans to the Orange County Task Force, proposing a soft reopening date of June 1st, before opening to the public on June 5th. That plan has since been approved by Orange County Mayor Jerry Demings, and will next move to Florida Governor Ron DeSantis for approval.

Magic Kingdom

After Universal’s proposal presentation today, the question on everyone’s mind was when Disney World would be submitting their’s. And according to Mayor Jerry Demings, Disney will be presenting very soon!

In an interview with CNBC, Mayor Demings shared that Disney World be submitting their proposed reopening plan and date next week.

Magic Kingdom

In the interview with CNBC, Demings shared that, “Disney has given an indication that next week, they will submit their plans.” He did note that, “At this time it’s an undefined time or date but we do look forward to seeing that sometime next week.”

Once submitted, a full briefing will be scheduled with the Orange County Task Force, and then Mayor Demings, and later Governor DeSantis, must sign-off their approval.


The proposal submitted by Universal Orlando today outlined the theme park’s plan for reopening, including safety and health precautions they will have in place such as the requirement of face masks for guests and team members, as well as virtual queues and increased mobile order. We expect Disney World will submit a similarly detailed outline, which will give guests a better idea of what can be expected when the park reopens.

Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal

Yesterday, the first part of Disney World began its phased reopening at Disney Springs. The shopping and dining complex will continue its phased reopening on May 27th, when Disney-owned stores and restaurants at the complex reopen as well.

Disney Springs

Stay tuned as we continue to bring updates on the Disney Parks!

Will you be visiting Disney World when it reopens? Let us know in the comments!

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23 Replies to “BREAKING NEWS: Disney World Will Submit Reopening Plans and Date Next Week”

  1. We have paid reservations for the last week of July, that were made back in February. If the parks are open we are going! I’m a nurse and need a vacation with my kiddo.

  2. Have reservations for mid July with family coming from out of town to join us. We plan to go if DW is open. After the last few months we are all looking forward to spending time together and getting out of the house. If we have to cancel we will look at going in the fall.

  3. Our Family Disney vacation was scheduled less than a week before they closed.We want to go enjoy Disney but wearing a mask in the heat and riding on rides doesn’t sound fun at all! As difficult as it will be.. we will wait.

  4. I will be planning a trip!! And if masks are required I will wear one!! I live in Florida and I wear a mask all day at work anyhow. Does anyone care or think of all the ppl that wear a mask for there job all day anyhow??

  5. Supposed to go in mid July. I hope those complaining about masks do stay home. Shorter lines for us. Can’t wait! I’m hoping.

  6. Worst case scenario-it’s 95 degrees. You are in a stalled Skyliner way up high. Strangers are with you. You are all wearing heavy face masks. Wake up ! It was only a nightmare. Here in New York, we must wear masks everywhere. After an hour grocery trip, we can’t wait to rip them off in the car. Mine is stained with makeup. My face is dented in from where the mask and straps touch. The thought of children over three in masks is hilarious. They will be touching, licking, masks will be off and on and on the ground. Hanging off strollers. I see it in stores here. I was thinking of a disposable sneeze/cough tissue. A thick one. Every person has to have a supply. When you feel a cough or sneeze coming on, use it. If you don’t, sorry, you are asked to leave the park. And this is easily enforced. Many guests will be capturing the cough on their phones. Disney could even sell these advanced sneeze/cough cloths. Hack into a Mickey cloth ! Then toss it! The mouse won’t mind.

  7. In case you have not heard a company in Canada has been given a $ 250 million contract to build new monorails for an undisclosed company in north America. I just wonder what company than may be?

  8. I had my trip cancelled for May. Now masks in the heat? I will reschedule for October, but like everyone else, I will cancel if masks are required. I am willing to take the risk because it is a very low risk to healthy people.

  9. Will we be visiting WDW when it reopens ?
    Is the Pope Catholic? We have been waiting for it to reopen since we found out it was closing.
    On the last night before closing we waited 2 hours for Mickey & Minni Runaway train ride. Glad we did. We are both 70 years old and didn’t get COVID 19 even thought it was very crowded and no one had a mask!
    We are Passholders
    From Pennsylvania

    1. Hope you have fun with your trip. I must add if August get cancelled don’t feel bad the Orlando heat is August is NASTY. Reschedule for September or October Less people cooler days.
      If its your first trip don’t try to do everything. It’s just not possible. We are pass holders from Pennsylvania. Been going there twenty years, still haven’t done everything.

      1. In a quick second. Even in a mask in 90 degree weather I will be there! Seriously…we have been in August and enjoyed every, hot and sweaty minute of the day!

  10. It seems a foregone conclusion that any re-opening plan will include restrictions, probably beyond what the State of Florida requires. Especially since Universal is starting with a mask requirement. And they will “enforce” their rules, so going and thinking they won’t is a recipe for disappointment – especially with kids. I don’t mind wearing a mask to get groceries and see it as a minor inconvenience. But all day in the Florida heat? No thanks, I’ll wait a year until the vaccine comes out. After 8-10 months of attendance at 50-60% of normal there might be some good deals in 2021.

  11. I am so tired of them canceling my plans and then I change to when they are accepting reservations again just to have them cancel. All the time it takes to make dining reservations and fast passes and then cancel and do it all again. Now they cancel and say book for July 1st and all the fast passes I want are already gone. I figured Disney would keep up with Universal and now who knows when they will really open. We booked April and then May and then June which was just canceled yesterday If I reschedule for July it will be canceled again… and again Wish they would stop taking reservations until they know for sure they will be open. Hopefully they won’t cancel the ones we have in Sept.

    1. Sharon, my family and I are going through this same thing. We also booked in April, then June 1st, now mid July paying more each time. We were even given a dining plan only to have it taken away when we had to rebook to July. All these ups and downs are driving me crazy. I feel like now at this point I just want to get it over with, and that’s very sad because I’ve saved up for this for my family for a long time and the trip means a lot. I guess we’ll see.

    2. Sorry to hear of your problems. We are annual pass holders. We live in Pennsylvania but winter near Orlando. My advise even though not asked for is DO NOT plan a trip to Orlando in July or August. I am never bothered by heat BUT in those months Orlando heat is NASTY. Our experience is September. May rain a bit but put on a poncho and keep going. September the crowd is usually much less. Now if its only 50% capacity you may have a real winner.

      Last if you have not been there before don’t try to do everything. Its just not possible in one trip. We have been at it 20 years and still have things to do!

  12. We were booked for 6/11-18 at Art of Animation with lots of special events in our package …….Disney advised yesterday that the closure “affected” our plans. They won’t be open then. The agent advised it will be one to two billing cycles for Disney to refund our money. 🙁 For now, we have chosen to not re-book and have made alternate plans to travel to Montana in August.