AllEars Walking Tour: Let’s Visit Magic Kingdom’s Adventureland!

If you’re missing Walt Disney World (and fresh air and hugging and Target) as much as we are, know that you’re not alone. And that AllEars is here bringing you that “wish you were here” content when we’re not even ‘here.’

Today, we’re embarking on an adventure… one with pirates, plazas, and punny skippers. That’s right: we’re heading to Magic Kingdom’s Adventureland! Join us on a walking tour that includes some on-ride videos, dining reviews, and a little bit of sap. Maybe a lot of sap.

Adventureland Entrance

As you approach Adventureland, your nose will lead you to the right, where the land’s iconic Spring Rolls cart is parked. These Spring Rolls are a delight, usually featuring two different flavors at any given time. Our favorite is the Cheeseburger Roll, but we’ve also spotted Pizza Rolls, Pork Rolls, Philly Cheesesteak Rolls, and Vegetable Rolls. You’ll pay for two, and you can get one of each if you want.

Adventureland Spring Roll Cart

Keep walking, and you’ll pass beneath the Adventureland arch. It features some pretty sinister-looking details, including spears, masks, and skulls. Click here for a look at two previous incarnations of the entrance arch.

Adventureland Entrance

And now you’re in, which means… shopping. Bwana Bob’s is there when you need a pair of Minnie ears, a hat (straw or brimmed), and a handful of other souvenirs.

Bwana Bob’s Kiosks

To the right you spy Sunshine Tree Terrace, home of the Citrus Swirl.

Sunshine Tree Terrace

Feel free to take a moment from our tour to dig in (quickly — it’s already starting to melt!).

Citrus Swirl

If the Citrus Swirl isn’t quite enough sustenance for you, head next door to Skipper Canteen, where the food is tasty and the Jungle Cruise-inspired jokes don’t stop.

Skipper Canteen

Bwana Bob’s shopping experience was several minutes ago, so let’s get some retail therapy at Agrabah Bazaar, which is packed with a ton of interesting goods — much more than your typical souvenir shop. A stroll through this sprawling shop is a must!

Agrabah Bazaar Gift Shop

Agrabah Bazaar Gift Shop

Across the way, the improbable home of the Swiss Family Robinson dominates the view.

Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse

Climb up into the branches of the Treehouse for one-of-a-kind views (and a little exercise).

Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse

Need a rest break? To the right just up the path is a conveniently located restroom that services both Adventureland and Frontierland. Feel free to stop off here for a few; we’ll wait.

Adventureland Restrooms

As the tour resumes, you spot The Magic Carpets of Aladdin ahead. (Watch out for the camel — it spits!)

Magic Carpets of Aladdin

This spinner is a classic ride type done with colorful, carpeted flare. Gather ’round: it’s sing-along time. “A whole new worrrrrld….”

Magic Carpets of Aladdin

If you’re ready to ride, click the YouTube video below!

All that flying and singing really worked up an appetite for another frozen fruit swirl. This time we’re heading to Aloha Isle Refreshments. You know what we’re having.

Aloha Isle

Grab a spoon. And order your own because we don’t share. It’s Dole Whip time!

Dole Whip

Now that we’re in a tropical mood, let’s head where the birds sing words and the flowers croon: Walt Disney’s Enchanted Tiki Room!

Enchanted Tiki Room

If the song isn’t already stuck in your head, check out these Fast Facts!

Head out of the Tiki Room humming that happy little earworm, and make your way down toward Jungle Cruise. This is the punniest ride in the World, so brace yourself for belly laughs!

Jungle Cruise Entrance

Okay, let’s ride! Click below for all the jokes!

Now that we’re done navigating the rivers of the world, we must venture deep into the Caribbean for some rollicking fun with pirates!

Pirates of the Caribbean

Time to replace the tiki, tiki, tiki, tiki, tiki room with a good ol’ yo ho, yo ho, a pirate’s life for me! Click below to ride!

Across from Pirates you’ll find Tortuga Tavern, a seasonally-open Quick Service spot featuring entrees like the Jerk-Smoked Brisket Sandwich and World-famous Turkey Leg!

Tortuga Tavern

You can munch on your Turkey Leg as you wander back across the path to Pirate’s League, the place where Park guests become pirates! But only until July, when Pirate’s League will close. So get yer bandanas while ye can!

Pirates League

If you’re looking for some free fun inside the Kingdom, you’ll also find Pirate’s Adventure: Treasures of the Seven Seas here! Join the adventure below!

Wait, we haven’t been inside a gift shop in a while. Let’s rectify that with a browse in Plaza del Sol Caribe Bazaar, where you can find all your pirate-y needs: plastic hooks, moody clothing, and Minnie ears covered in sequins.

Plaza del Sol Caribe Bazaar

Finally, a pit stop before we leave the land of Adventure and enter the wilds of the old Frontier! These restrooms are a little tucked away in the corner, so if you need a relatively quiet spot to unwind for a bit, head here!

Restrooms Near Pirates of the Caribbean

Thanks for joining us on this walk-through tour of Adventureland. Let us know in the comments below which attraction, shop, or eatery is your favorite! 

Sarah is a former high school English teacher, mom of three, and a (nearly) life-long writer. She's worked with since 2018 and loves sharing the Disney magic with readers.

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3 Replies to “AllEars Walking Tour: Let’s Visit Magic Kingdom’s Adventureland!”

  1. I am excited about the spring roll wagon too. I don’t recall seeing it before and Adventureland is my favorite land. Hoping we can go in June. Hopefully optimistic.

  2. I really enjoyed this little walkthrough and hope you will do it with all of Disney World. I have never had a spring roll from this cart and look forward to trying them on our next visit in November, I keep hearing good things about them. For now, our favorite food item in Adventureland is the Dole Whip and we are looking forward to trying it with the pineapple upside down cake. Our favorite ride is Pirates of the Caribbean and we will usually ride it several times during a visit. Thank-you for all of the fun and informative videos and keep ’em comin’.