NEW Collection of Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway Merchandise Has Arrived in Disney World!

It’s Runaway Railway Day here at Hollywood Studios, and things are out of control! The latest attraction to hit Walt Disney World is a hit, as guests join Mickey and Minnie on their latest wild adventure!

It’s also the first dark-ride EVER to focus on Mickey and pals, making it a historic first!

A new ride comes with new merch, and this collection is just as cute as you’d imagine!

First off are these Mickey and Minnie Magnetic Plushes! Available in a set for just $29.99, this adorable plush pair features magnetic clasps, allowing them to hold hands. There’s also a plush Chuuby attached to Minnie’s arm!

No breaking up this couple!

Speaking of plush toys, the new Wishables Collection for the ride has dropped, just in time for #WishablesWednesday!


The new Wishables sell for the usual price of $9.99, with Engineer Goofy being the open edition!

Howdy folks! Ready for a relaxin’ ride around the park?

The other options in the collection include Picnic Mickey and Minnie, The Runnamuk Park Train, Daisy Duck, and two versions of Chuuby!

Daisy plays a surprisingly prominent role in the attraction, making it the first attraction since the Mickey Mouse Revue to feature the entire Sensational Six!

Also in the toy department, the Train Whistle we’ve spotted at other gift shops around the resort for $12.99!

Still the perfect gift for the children of people you don’t like.

Moving on to the fashion department, you know there are T-Shirts. Despite Mickey’s famous refusal to wear a shirt, Disney has no shortage of the things! This Woman’s Tee for $39.99 features scenes inspired by the ride… which is about as chaotic as these varied images imply!

This is like one of those “Spoilers without context” memes but on a shirt.

Of course, if you want to avoid spoiling other people in line (or just feel a bit chilly), you can cover up with this Women’s Pullover for $44.99!

With just a splash of color, of course!

While we’re at it, we might as well complete the look. How about these leggings for just $39.99?


Runaway Railway Leggings

Then you can top it off with these Runaway Railway Mouse Ears for $24.99!

Mickey and Minnie bounce around the inside!

Kids can get this fun-sized T-Shirt for just $19.99!

Complete with that iconic tune!

While adults can get this Engineer Goofy T-Shirt, available for $36.99.

Remember the start of “A Goofy Movie”, when Max has a nightmare that he’s turning into his dad and starts hyucking uncontrollably? Same energy.

Pin Collectors can grab this open-edition logo pin for $9.99, or one of two park exclusive offerings!

The top right pin is available online! The rest you’ll need to venture to the parks for.

You can also relive your memories of the ride with this Goofy Train Mug for $22.99!

It’s actually a “Loke-ee-mot-eve”, thank you very much.

Or you could start prepping for Christmas early with this exclusive ornament for $24.99!

I want this on my head, please.

There’s even a surprise on the back…

Pluto! He’s the star of the attraction’s B-Plot as he tries to get Mick and Minn their lunch back!

You can also commemorate your wild ride with this MagicBand for just $29.99.

There’s that Goofy grin again… You sure he’s not derailing the train on purpose?

Or, if you’re an Annual Passholder, you can pick up a Limited-Edition Passholder-Exclusive MagicBand. They come in these cute Mickey and Minnie boxes.

Passholder-Exclusive MagicBand

And look how cute it is!

Passholder-Exclusive MagicBand

On one side, you’ve got Mickey and Minnie in bright colors (not dissimilar to the marquee outside the new ride).

Passholder-Exclusive MagicBand

On the other, it says “Passholder 2020”.

Passholder-Exclusive MagicBand

If you’re a Daisy gal, this Daisy Duck Tutu is a truly adorable option for kiddos.

Daisy Duck Tutu

And, of course, the new Disney Parks Designer Ears made to commemorate the attraction for just $78.00!

Designer Ears

You can find these items at the pop-up gift shop just outside the ride, or at other gift shops around Hollywood Studios!

Trust me, you can’t miss it!

Click here to read our full synopsis of Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway!

Will you be picking up a gift to commemorate your trip on the new ride? Let us know in the comments!

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