13 Signs You Have Ridden Haunted Mansion Too Many Times

Welcome, Foolish Mortals!

Haunted Mansion

I’m your host your ghost host! As you kindly read all the way through this post we’re going to determine if you’re likely become the 1,000th haunt by riding the Haunted Mansion too many times! There’s no turning back now!

So, here are 13 signs that you’ve ridden the Haunted Mansion at Disney’s Magic Kingdom a few too many times.

1. You think you’re the Ghost Host and you sing and talk along to the music and ride spiel the entire time!

2. You know where to stand in the stretch room to ensure that you’re the first group into the next room.

Haunted Mansion Stretch Room

3. You can locate the Ghost Host’s portrait.

4. You know the names of the hitchhiking ghosts…and you even have a favorite!

5. You have a favorite stretch room portrait.

6. You know the brides names and you even know where to spot one as you hop off the attraction.


7. You can spot the hidden Mickeys…or Donalds inside on the ride.

8. You can figure out the murder mystery or know that there is one in the queue line.

9. You know when the ghosts will pop up in the cemetery scene.

10. You can name the singing busts and know that Walt Disney is NOT one of them.

Haunted Mansion’s Singing Busts

11. You talk through the entire ride pointing out portraits and spieling facts to whoever is doomed to ride with you.

12. You know the backstory of the room with the stairs that lead to nowhere.

13. You know which animatronics face is also used on Pirates of the Caribbean.

Have you ridden Haunted Mansion a few too many times? Let us know in the comments below! 

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12 Replies to “13 Signs You Have Ridden Haunted Mansion Too Many Times”

  1. Hmmm how about some answers so that even if we have ridden 50+ times and some of these apply we can be in on the rest?