Disney World’s Tomorrowland Speedway Reopens!

After a four-and-a-half-month closure due to construction on the new TRON attraction, the Magic Kingdom’s Tomorrowland Speedway has reopened.

Entrance to Tomorrowland Speedway

We had wondered if the attraction, which has been closed since January 2, might be reopening soon when we spotted cast members driving vehicles around the track a few days ago.

Tomorrowland Speedway a few days prior to reopening

The signage for the attraction has been slightly updated and there’s been a fresh coat of paint applied to the exterior’s trim in a slightly different color scheme than before. We’re not sure yet of any other changes to the ride, which is still a FastPass attraction.

It’s listed in My Disney Experience as being open from 8 a.m. to midnight today and appears to have regular hours from here on out.

We’re happy to see the attraction reopen — there was some speculation that it wouldn’t be back due to the changing face of that area of Tomorrowland.

There is still plenty of TRON construction going on, however, and the Walt Disney World Railroad remains closed while the work continues.

TRON Construction in the Magic Kingdom’s Tomorrowland

The new TRON coaster is not expected to open until 2021. Click here to read more about it!

Are you happy to hear the news about the Speedway? Are you ready to ride? Let us know in the comments!

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11 Replies to “Disney World’s Tomorrowland Speedway Reopens!”

  1. I just want to know who is the big wig at Disney that apparently absolutely and completely loves this ride is, and who won’t let this waste of space be converted to something else or upgraded to a better version of itself.
    I honestly can’t wrap my head around how the parks trying to go more eco friendly with paper straws and unmovable toiletries in the bathroom of resorts, but are like “sure, these gas guzzling exhaust fume monsters who can knock you down with their fumes within 10 feet of them are fine and dandy to still be in the park!”

    1. Can’t agree more. They have unceremoniously trashed some of the most popular rides without batting an eye. Yet for some reason they cling on to this dinosaur. It’s beyond any reasonable comprehension.

      1. It is my theory that this attraction HAS to be a very higher up at Disney’s fave ride or maybe their kids fave ride at MK, because there really is no other reason for this NOT to be updated or converted. It is valuable real estate in Tomorrow Land that is just going to waste on a very out of place attraction that 1. Has nothing to do with the future/space or progress 2. Is very bland and boring 3. Is going against their new eco friendly stance.

        1. I agree completely! It has to be the absolute WORST ride in any of the parks. There is nothing Disney about it and these kinds of car rides can be found at every amusement park around the country. I was hoping this was where TRON would go but nope. Disney doesn’t seem to give a rats behind about closing well beloved rides so I’m with you on your theory!

    1. What? Are you saying that it wasn’t me skillfully steering around the track? No wonder I failed my driving test the following week.

  2. I know kids love the concept of driving a car, but it still surprises me that this attraction remains. Gasoline-powered, slow moving cars on guide rails, taking up lots of real estate in the Magic Kingdom, with no real connection to the Tomorrowland theme. Time to move on Disney!

    1. It doesn’t take an Imagineer to figure out how to make the speedway relevant in Tomorrowland again. Get Tesla to sponsor it and replace the cars with little electric Tesla roadsters. If you want to go a step further put induction in the roadway to eliminate batteries and recharging. And use self driving technology to prevent crashing into other vehicles.