Photos: Tour the Recently Refurbished All Star Movies Resort Guest Rooms

An team member recently stayed at the All Star Movies Resort in Disney World. Just as with a number of other resorts, this resort is in the process of refreshing and refurbishing the guest rooms.

All Star Movies Resort — Toy Story Section

Our team member’s room was in the Toy Story section of the resort.

As with the recent refurbishment at Pop Century Resort, the rooms now have one queen size bed and one Murphy (hidden or pull-down) bed instead of two double beds in the room. The rooms also have laminate, wood-grain look flooring instead of carpeting.

All Star Movies Refurbished Resort Room

As you can see in the photo above, and like in other refurbishments, the bed now has storage underneath it, a great place to store your suitcase during your visit.

All Star Movies Refurbished Resort Room

A table is incorporated into the Murphy bed. When the bed is not in use you have a table, when the bed is in use you will not have a table. This is the only table in the room, it has replaced the table and chairs that used to be on the other side of the room when you entered.

All Star Movies Refurbished Resort Room Murphy Bed/Table Combination

The upholstery on the chairs at the table represents all three All Star Resorts — Sports, Movies, and Music.

All Star Movies Refurbished Resort Room Murphy Bed/Table Combination

When the Murphy bed is pulled down you’ll find fun artwork with Huey, Dewey, and Louie, and again representing all three All Star Resorts.

All Star Movies Refurbished Resort Room Murphy Bed

In the area where the table and chairs used to be in the room you’ll find a cabinet with the coffee maker and refrigerator.

All Star Movies Refurbished Resort Room
All Star Movies Refurbished Resort Room

A new, larger TV has also been added to the room

All Star Movies Refurbished Resort Room

USB Ports and Plugs are available along the top dresser and in the nightstand.

All Star Movies Refurbished Resort Room

Previously a curtain was used to divide the guest room area from the bathroom. That curtain has been replaced by a sliding door. That isn’t the only curtain that is missing — the shower curtain has also been replaced by a sliding door.

All Star Movies Refurbished Resort Room

Refillable amenities are in the shower, along with a new “nook” for other items you may bring.

All Star Movies Refurbished Resort Room

Just like the recent Pop Century Resort refurbishment, the bathroom is home to a lot more shelving and storage.

All Star Movies Refurbished Resort Room

There’s even storage under the counter and sink. You’ll also find a magnifying mirror in the bathroom at this resort.

All Star Movies Refurbished Resort Room

Overall, the color palette for this room is darker than the color palette used in the refurbished Pop Century rooms, however, other than that this refurbished All Star room is very close in design and layout to the new Pop Century rooms.

The extra storage in the room is a plus. Having to give up the table every night to use the second bed was a bit of an inconvenience, but workable. The room does feel cleaner without the darker carpeting and curtains dividing the room from the bathroom.

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18 Replies to “Photos: Tour the Recently Refurbished All Star Movies Resort Guest Rooms”

  1. They now look at any hotel room where are the Disney touches this looks like Hampton inn
    I’m not paying these rates for a bland hotel room

    1. Um…these rooms go for less than 150 US dollars per night. Considering you get free transportation to the resort from the airport and free transportation all over WDW you can’t beat it. Even if you stay off property at the Hampton Inn for a similar price you won’t get any of those perks and will end up spending a lot more money off property needing a rental car. The value resorts are a great deal and make it hard to beat.

  2. Seems to me they are refurbishing all the resorts in the same generic, sterile style. I feel the resort rooms, from value to DVC villas, are losing all their personality.

  3. How many coffee pods are put out each day for the coffee maker in the new rooms? I am a big time coffee person. I look forward to visiting All Star Movies in April.

      1. They usually only put out a couple packs a day. We always stop at Walmart there, where they still sell the maxwell house coffee that comes in the filter pack. I don’t know if they still use a regular small coffee pot but those filter packs are a lifesaver if you don’t want to drink cheap cheap coffee and don’t want to walk a mile to the food court. I bring my own small coffee maker to a lot of places. If you’re driving you might consider that option.

  4. I stayed at All-Star movies about three weeks ago and was given a newly redone room, where the giant Herbie car is.It definitely felt nice and fresh. This was an unexpected stay, due to my flight being delayed by a storm. I had work to do, so I really appreciated the large table for that. Other PROS: Plenty of storage space, efficient see-thru fridge/ coffee station, updated TV.
    CONS: Flooring can feel extra hard on your feet first thing in the morning, while getting off the higher bed.The large light on the wall is mildly annoying because it’s eye level. Replace it with an extra ceiling light instead. ln its place, I’d prefer handy hooks for jackets or a piece of Disney decor.
    Overall, I really like it and I understand their reasons for some of these changes – the hard floors, shower doors and Murphy bed makes cleaning rooms more efficient. It may not be for everyone though – I think an elderly family member would have a hard time with the higher beds and hard floors. But for most it’s a nice option.

    1. Facts! I can stay at the in luxury, with a really comfy bed, with peace and quiet and pay to park each day at the theme parks for LESS than I can stay at the “value” resorts on property. Way back when the value resorts were around $79 a night…totally worth it! Not anymore. I would NEVER pay $200 or so to stay in a cinderblock hotel. Why? Just because it has some cute Disney decor to look at while walking to your tiny room with they lousiest mattress you’ve ever experienced? Foolish. The only way to stop this nonsense is to protest with our pocketbooks….which I have to do anyway because I simply don’t earn enough money at my job to ever go again. Disney has made it clear that they do NOT want my business.

  5. We stayed at POP in October, 18 really liked the new room layout.To me I thought the shower somewhat
    dangerous, the sloping floor, no grab bar for support. Just my opinion

  6. I like the additional storage and it looks clean and updated…but so generic. I stay at a Disney Value Resort for the over-the-top DISNEY feel! Why are they taking my magic away?

  7. Just a heads up. I recently stayed At All star Music and the refillable shampoo and other items are in the same area of the shower. And if by chance you take a bath and not a shower you will NOT be able to reach them unless you stand up.

  8. They may be nice and clean and sterile looking but other than the pictures over the beds there is nothing in this room to suggest it is in a Disney resort.

    Why all the muted colors? Who did the decorating, an undertaker?

    The last thing I need after walking all day in the parks is a rock hard floor rather than a soft carpet to soothe my aching feet.