5 Great Places to Grab a Beer in Walt Disney World

While Disney is a family destination, there are some highlights exclusive to the big kids! One of these is an extensive selection of grown-up beverages around the World. We’ve done the research, (someone had to!) and here are five great places to grab a beer at the Walt Disney World Resort.

Rose and Crown Beers

5. Geyser Point Bar and Grill

Nestled on the shores of Bay Lake, as an extension of the Wilderness Lodge, is the Geyser Point Bar and Grill. This quick service location features eats such as a Bison Burger, Roasted Salmon, and Cheesy Brisket, which you can enjoy alongside a beautiful view in comfy couches. More importantly, for the purposes of this post, is the lengthy bar menu. Geyser Point hosts an extensive list of beers, wines, and cocktails — many of which feature Northwestern US flavors to fit with the Wilderness Lodge theme. Zeroing in on the beer menu, we immediately noticed how long the list was, and how many beers were offered on draft. Two of our favorites came from the Elysian Brewing Company out of Seattle, Washington — the Space Dust IPA and the Dragontooth Stout. Geyser Point is a great place to enjoy an extensive draft beer list and a delicious, unique menu, all with a great view.

Geyser Point Entrance

4. Nomad Lounge

The Nomad Lounge

For those craving a cold beer during their wild day at Disney’s Animal Kingdom, we suggest swinging by the Nomad Lounge! You’ll find the lounge connected to Tiffins, Animal Kingdom’s signature restaurant, just before crossing the bridge into Pandora. My favorite thing about the Nomad Lounge is the giant wrap-around porch, complete with comfy chairs and couches. Sitting under the fans, enjoying a light bite and refreshing beer, you might just forget you’re in a theme park! The menu looks like a journal, and the signature cocktails are made to be the entries, complete with illustrations. There is a unique list of beers from all over the globe, including countries like Kenya, Thailand, China, and Mexico! But, the main reason the Nomad Lounge made our list is the Kungaloosh Spiced Excursion Ale. This delicious beer is brewed exclusively for the Nomad Lounge and Tiffins — meaning you can’t find it anywhere else in the World, or the world!

Nomad Lounge interior

3. Big River Grille & Brewing Works

Big River Grille & Brewing Works

Located on Disney’s BoardWalk, Big River is the only place on property where they actually brew beer on-site! The micro-brewery boasts a full-service lunch and dinner menu, along with a large selection of craft beer. You can enjoy your beer inside where floor to ceiling windows showcase the brewers at work, or you can sit on the big porch outside with a beautiful, waterfront view. For a light, crisp beer, we suggest the Southern Flyer Light Lager, or for something a little bolder try the award-winning Rocket Red Ale. They also have a rotating selection of seasonal beers to choose from. Can’t make up your mind? Try a beer flight, which serves up sample sizes of each beer on tap so you can find a new favorite!

Big River Grille Brewhouse

2. The Rose and Crown Pub

The Rose and Crown Pub

You can’t put a list together of great places to enjoy a beer without including the Rose and Crown! Located in Epcot’s United Kingdom Pavilion, the pub is a fan favorite spot to grab a pint. Of course the menu is comprised of UK brews, such as Guinness, Bass Ale, and Strongbow Cider. They also have a wide selection of “Pub Blends” which are mixes between two beers, or other additions such as black currant juice. I recommend the “Snakebite,” which is half-Harp and half-Strongbow, or the classic “Black and Tan,” which is half-Bass and half-Guinness. Pro-tip, grab your beer to-go and enjoy the band, The British Revolution, play some classic rock in the courtyard!

1. Baseline Tap House

Located in Disney’s Hollywood Studios, Baseline is the newest lounge in Walt Disney World. The story behind the bar is that it used to house a mom-and-pop printing company that had ties to the Disney Studio in Burbank. When you look around, you’ll see old printing artifacts, as well as industrial architecture and exposed brick walls. Once you step up to order, you may notice that all of the beers on tap are from California — paying homage to the Disney Company roots. If you can’t decide from the many brews offered, we recommend a beer flight. The flights are make-your-own, so you get to choose any four beers you want to try. Baseline also features California wines and signature cocktails, as well as bar bites like a big pretzel and charcuterie board. The outdoor patio has extensive seating at high-tops and long tables, under lengthy canopies. This is truly one of the most enjoyable places on property to sit back, relax, and enjoy a good beer.

Baseline Tap House

What’s your favorite spot to get a beer in Walt Disney World? Let us know in the comments!

5 Great Places To Grab a Beer at Disney World

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5 Replies to “5 Great Places to Grab a Beer in Walt Disney World”

  1. I have no qualms with those who imbibe in an adult beverages. In the words of my favorite philosopher, Homer Simpson, “Alcohol: the cause of, and solution to, all of life’s problems.” However, alcohol in the MK, AK, and HS, as another great philosopher said, is “stupid is as stupid does.” The last half a dozen times I was at EPCOT I saw my share of drunk and disorderly (watching Bubba feeding the fish in Japan’s Coy pond with upchuck from the bangers and mash just eaten at the Rose-N-Crown was not the Feng Shui experience I was hoping for). The majority of the reported violations in EPCOT are alcohol related. There is no upside, other than revenue, for Disney to do this. It’s chaos in the parks already without taking away even more people’s good judgement, common sense, and rational thinking. But who am I to argue with progress. As long as WDW has decided to be “progressive”, let’s take it all the way. How bout Mickeys Vintage Vape Bar on Main Street. Or Minnie’s “Extra Special” Magical Massage Parlor. Or Lampwick’s Toddler Tattoos. Sometimes the formula is already perfect. Anyone still remember New Coke? Hopefully, one day we will all be saying, “remember when they used to serve alcohol in the magic kingdom? What the heck were those people smoking?”

    1. I agree with you 100% I have no problem with having a drink but how about we keep it OUT of the parks. I know that this will NOT happen but it would be nice. There are plenty of places at the resorts or in Disney Springs to enjoy a drink. Plus all drinking alcohol does is dehydrate you.