Morning Light over New Fantasyland

Light Meter by Lisa K. Berton

It’s a rare occasion that we Disney geeks are given the chance to enter a park before 8 am. Unless there’s a special event or you’ve scored an 8:05 am reservation at Cinderella’s Royal Table (or another restaurant serving breakfast), you’ll just have to live with making rope drop. I made it into Magic Kingdom at 6 am-ish on May 24, 2013 for Monstrous Summer 24-hour celebration.

After getting a few things settles, I slowly made my way to Fantasyland and breathed in the free range dew-filled air. It truly was a fantasy, hardly a human (or monster) was in sight. Knowing how popular new attractions are, I sashayed into New Fantasyland and got in line for Enchanted Tales with Belle. Yes, there was a line already. That’s okay, I made small talk with other geeks and told newbies it was a roller coaster. There’s a reason the other Lisas I’ve worked with call me Evil Lisa.

While waiting to enter Maurice’s (Belle’s dad) cottage, I set myself up for a scenic shot with lens flare. Voila! (As they say in France)


Canon EOS 30D, Canon 17-40 USM L, ISO 400, f14, Shutter Priority

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