Celebrating Air Force Week In The Magic Kingdom

This Tuesday, October 26th, Walt Disney World celebrated Air Force Week in the Magic Kingdom. The events included a “flyover” above Cinderella Castle and Main Street by the Thunderbirds and Airmen from Patrick Air Force Base and members of the Thunderbird Team being the Grand Marshals of the Celebrate A Dream Come True parade.

If you’ve ever witnessed the Flag Retreat ceremony in the Magic Kingdom you know that every day Disney honors “Hometown Heroes”. Disney has a long history of strong support for our brave men and women who serve us so proudly in the military. So, celebrating an event like Air Force Week was a perfect fit.

Air Force Week Logo

There were quite a few Air Force men and women from Patrick Air Force Base in the Magic Kingdom. They were given a place of honor to view the parade. For those who don’t know, Patrick Air Force Base is located on the East Coast of Florida near Cocoa Beach, which is only about an hour from Walt Disney World.

Airmen and women

Airmen and women

Airmen and women

Wherever the Thunderbirds travel they are accompanied by a very large support team. The team consists of all kinds of media personnel, as well as logistic and technical support personnel.

Members of the Thunderbird Team

Special thanks to AllEars.Net Photo Blogger Scott Thomas who took these fantastic pictures of the flyover from across Bay Lake. As you can see Scott got some really great photos of the Thunderbirds in flight! (Note: You can see more of Scott’s work on the “Picture This!” blog page on the AllEars website.)

Thunderbirds in flight

Thunderbirds in flight

Thunderbirds in flight

Here’s a video of the Thunderbirds flying over Main Street in the Magic Kingdom. (Note: The flyover occurs approximately two minutes into the video.) Also, you will see the Airmen and women from the Thunderbirds and Patrick Air Force Base being honored as Grand Marshal’s of the Celebrate A Dream Come True Parade. You can also enjoy watching the entire parade:

Interview with Col. Rossen from Patrick Air Force Base:

Interview with Capt. McCree, Thunderbird Public Affairs Officer:

Here’s some bonus footage of the Main Street Philharmagic Band marching down Main Street prior to the parade:

Please leave me a comment and let me know if you have any thoughts regarding this special event or how Disney honors our brave servicemen and women.

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8 Replies to “Celebrating Air Force Week In The Magic Kingdom”

  1. Hi Mike We were down in Disney on that day and it was a very special site. I want to thank our men and women who serve our country everyday with such honor and pride. It was a beautiful site to see the Thunderbirds fly over the Magic Kingdom and Main Street. It was a beautiful day and a great day to honor those special people.

  2. Mike,

    Thank you for sharing this.As an Air Force veteran, and a yearly visitor to WDW it brought a tear to my eye to see the ThunderBirds fly down Main Street.

    Great job as always

  3. This is very impressive, an awesome display of patriotism. Being a veteran myself it is very heart warming to see our troops honored.

  4. Mike,
    Is this a yearly tradition at Disney World? My husband is in the Air Force and I know he would enjoy this. It would be great to plan our trip around this event. We are visiting the World in December and I am hoping to get my husband or father(retired Air Force) to be a part of the flag lowering ceremony.

    DizneyMike replies: Christine, the Flag Retreat ceremony is a daily event at th MK. If you’re staying at a Disney hotel you should check with Concierge about having your husband or father selected to be part of the ceremony. Otherwise, check with Guest Services in the MK as soon as you arrive. As far as Air Force week goes, it’s my understanding that it is a yearly event but different locations are picked every year. So, chances are this was a one time event. Hope this helps…Mike

  5. Mike- First off let me start by thanking the men and women who serve our country.

    Thank you so much for this wonderful video. It gave me a much needed Disney fix and a few Disney tears. Keep up the excellent work!

  6. What a cool event! It’s nice to see members of the military enjoy some special recognition. And what absolutely awesome shots Scott got of the planes – we had no idea that there were birds painted on the underbellies of the planes.

  7. Hi Mike,
    Thank you for this delightful video. Disney always goes the extra mile.

    I am a proud American and I appreciate all of these fine men and women.