Givenchy — Grand Opening in the France Pavilion

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Givenchy Logo

Today, September 22, 2010, Givenchy opened its only stand-alone retail location in the United States. Where? The France Pavilion at Epcot. Located in what was once the “library” section of the pavilion (with a “Beauty and the Beast” stained-glass window backdrop), this 400 square foot shop offers the entire line of Givenchy fragrances, cosmetics and skincare.

Givenchy Shop

Givenchy Shop

Givenchy Shop

Givenchy Shop

To celebrate their association with Disney, Givenchy has created a fragrance to be sold exclusively at Epcot, eaudemoiselle de Givenchy (eau de toilette vaporisateur spray). Ladies, I’m a guy and know very little about perfumes. All I can tell you is that it smelled good to me. If you’re curious, you’re going to have to check it out for yourself.

Exclusive Epcot Fragrance

Givenchy also offers limited edition scents. Each year, three flowers are selected from various countries around the world. After the harvest, these flowers are used in the creation of three unique fragrances. In much the same way a vintage bottle of wine is packaged and marketed, these scents are dated and once they run out, there are no more.

Limited Edition Frangrances

Limited Edition Frangrances

Another feature of Epcot’s Givenchy shop is a complete makeup counter, complete with experts to help you select and apply the appropriate product. And as a learning tool the associate will be happy to apply the makeup to only half of your face then allow you to take over under his guidance for the second half. If you decide to purchase their products, you will be provided with a complete, step-by-step chart so you’ll know exactly what to do once you return home.



Guys, if your girl decides on one of these makeovers, I see two options for you. You can be dutiful and stand there during the transformation or you can cross the street and partake in some wine tasting. But when I think about it, there is a third option since Givenchy also offers a number of men’s fragrances for you to try.

I chose not to inquire about prices since this is a constantly changing item. If I quoted you something now, it would not necessarily reflect the price when you visit. However, I was assured that the prices are not inflated here at Epcot. Items in this shop will be priced identically to those at Macy’s back home.

For those of you with sensitive noses or allergies I will tell you, the aromas in this shop are not overpowering. I have asthma and I am susceptible to such things, but it was not an issue here. One of the Givenchy cast members suggested that it could be because they use all natural ingredients in their perfumes.

So next time you’re in the France Pavilion, be sure to check out this latest shop. If you want to pamper yourself with a nice non-Disney souvenir, this might be a good spot.

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17 Replies to “Givenchy — Grand Opening in the France Pavilion”

  1. We were at WDW in August and while visiting Epcot Italy they were featuring an Epcot exclusive perfume. I cannot remember what it was but we loved it. We were going to go back and purchase it but we for some reason left for home without it.Can you help me find the name of it?

    Jack’s Answer:

    I’m not aware of any exclusive perfume at the Italy Pavilion, however, there is an exclusive perfume at the Givenchy Store in the France Pavilion. I do not know the name of it. It can only be purchased at the pavilion or via Disney Mail order. I don’t have the mail order number, but you can call Disney General Information at 407-824-4321 and ask for it. When you talk to Disney Mail Order, just explain that you want the exclusive Epcot perfume sold in the France Pavilion at Givenchy.

  2. Just went to Givenchy last week and I’m in love with it! I purchased the Be Givenchy fragrance, along with eye shadow, mascara and 2 lip glosses! I did not receive the step by step chart that was mentioned above. Would have been helpful for the eye shadow since it came with 4 shades and 3 brushes. My mom purchased the eaudemoiselle de Givenchy perfume and I was not a fan of it. Too fruity for me. The staff was very nice, not pushy, and very knowledgeable. Can’t wait to return next year!

  3. Hi Jack:

    Did the Givenchy store replace the La Signature Guerlain boutique? Or are they side-by-side?

    Jack’s Answer:

    La Signature is still there. Givenchy is located across the breezeway.

  4. I had lunch at the new Via Napoli and was very disappointed with not only the service but also the food. It was all very unprofessional and the food was very expensive for a pizza place or so they call it that. One small pizza for one is $16.00. You can get a large pizza somewhere else for less than that. All in all I would not remember it to anyone. The entrees were $26.00 for one piece of veal parm and no salad or vegetable, just a small piece of fried spagetti which was very dry and tasteles. We had to ask for bread and it was cold, we then had to ask for butter or oil what they need is lessons on serving properly especially for that price. It is in EPCOT in Italy, better off going to the larger restaurant for the same prices and better food.

  5. Oh Heaven! Over here in he Uk Givenchy has a new fragrance out called “Guilty”…….it’s divine!
    Guess what, it’s on my Christmas list! I love the French Pavilion at the best of times what with the architecture, the patisserie and now Givenchy…..another excuse to visit Epcot, yay!

  6. Hi Jack,
    I was excited to see this blog because of the design Disney incorporated for this store. I have always loved the Metro Entrances Paris has. The style of Art Nouveau always has an organic feel to it and the picture you took of the entrance of the store as well as the displays,captures it well.
    Keep up the great work !

  7. OH YEAH!!!! I love Givenchy!!! Will make the point of visiting this shop!! I LOVE Very Irresistible!! Thanks for the blog, as always Jack. I just love reading what you have to say!!

  8. Hi Jack,

    Is there a charge for the makeup application?

    Jack’s Answer:

    There is no charge for the makeup application. Of course, they’re hoping you’ll be so satisfied with the results that you’ll buy the product.

  9. hey jack
    I am not one for going into perfume stores but if they have men’s fragrences then I may stop by can’t wait for your next blog and as always, keep up the great work.

  10. I am really looking forward to this. We will be there in 8 days!! I have never heard of this line before but I like the fact that they offer a fragrance that’s exclusive to Epcot! Thank you so much for sharing and keeping us up to date~!

  11. Thanks for keeping us so up to date with what’s happening in the World, Jack! So does this mean the Beauty and the Beast window is gone? Thanks

    Jack’s Answer:

    Yes, the stained glass window is gone. The way the new store is designed, this was necessary. Note, this was not a real stained glass window. It was a piece of plastic that was temporarily placed here when the former tenants of this shop vacated several years ago.

  12. So, is the stained glass window gone? or are they finding another way to incorporate it into the pavillion?

    Jack’s Answer:

    Yes, the stained glass window is gone. The way the new store is designed, this was necessary. Note, this was not a real stained glass window. It was a piece of plastic that was temporarily placed here when the former tenants of this shop vacated several years ago.

  13. Hey Jack, I love your blogs! This comment is related to a quiz blog you did about a month ago with attraction cast member’s costumes. I am going to be a merchandise cast member in january through the college program, and ever since I found out I have been trying to find pictures of what my potential costume may look like, but I have had little luck. Do you have any suggestions as to where I should look? Thanks!

    Jack’s Answer:

    Disney does not make this type of information public. There really isn’t anyplace you can look. And looking at an “attractions” costume may or may not be an indication of what a corresponding merchandise costume will look like.

  14. OMG!!! Now I very very very very happy!! Is like Disney read my mind!
    I love perfumes, but MY perfum is Very Irresistible…is just like me!
    Oh boy! I’m sure that my credit card is already suffering! LOL
    Qu’est que peux dire?? C’est merveilleux!!
    I have to wait just…8 months!! snif!!!