Disney Pic of the Week – Golf

Light Meter by Lisa K. Berton

Golf. It’s a sport. People drive around in golf carts and wear plaid pants, polo shirts and shoes with metal sticks coming out the bottom. You’re not allowed to talk when it’s someone’s turn or they might accidentally hit you in the head or have many affairs with women to whom they’re not married and then hold a press conference. Golfers yell “Fore!” not to be confused with “For!” or “Four!”. Caddys are people who carry around a large bag containing golf clubs with which a golfer swings at a ball sitting on a divet and hopes that it’ll land in a hole in the ground, far off in the distance after traveling through a maze of rocks, bouncing off a windmill, through a freakish clown’s mouth and inevitably into the hands of a beer-guzzling gopher.

Scott, Barrie, and I bring you golf as our Disney Pic of the Week. Obviously they chose me to start us off because of my vast knowledge of the subject. I hope I was able to enlighten you.

Mickey Mouse and Pluto in a statue tribute to the fine sport at Winter Summerland Miniature Golf.

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2 Replies to “Disney Pic of the Week – Golf”

  1. Thanks for the grins this morning, Lisa! Loved your description of golf. Personally, I favor florals rather than plaids when playing golf. I’ve played at Winter Summerland Miniature Golf only once, and I never noticed this adorable grouping. Sometime I’m going to come to Walt Disney World and never go on the attractions, but spend all my time looking at all the wonderful details.

    Lisa responds: I’ve told myself the same thing. So far, I haven’t listened to myself. 😉