Castle Couture – Fantasyland – Magic Kingdom

A new shop has opened in Fantasyland. Replacing Tinker Bell’s Treasures is Castle Couture.

Castle Couture

Located across the courtyard from Cinderella Castle, this new shop allows Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique guests to have their royal portrait taken in regal style. But the experience is not limited to just the young princess as family-style portraits are also available here. A studio has been set up and offers a formal setting in which to capture the moment.

Castle Couture

In addition, guests no longer need to pick up their portraits at Exposition Hall on Main Street as they can be purchased and printed at Castle Couture.

Even though the theme of the shop has been altered, the merchandise has not changed significantly with the makeover. For the most part, princess costumes and accessories make up the bulk of the offerings.

Castle Couture

TIP: Be sure to check out Sleeping Beauty’s dress as Flora and Meriweather repeatedly change it from pink to blue.

Castle Couture

For more information about PhotoPass and packages available, click here.

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17 Replies to “Castle Couture – Fantasyland – Magic Kingdom”

  1. I am so glad I take pictures of stores when I visit Disney World. Things are always changing. It is sad the store will no longer be Tinkerbell’s Treasures. What they should do is move Tinkerbell’s Treasures to Pixie Hollow not completely get rid of it.
    I remember 20yrs ago, I took a picture by a Christmas Store in Fantasyland. It was located on your right as you enter Fantasyland thru the castle & across from Tinkerbell’s Treasures. My advise to all Disney visitors-take photos of stores as things always change & you have the memories. It seems weird to take photos of stores, but this proves it is a great idea.

  2. Truthfully “Castle Couture” isn’t a new shop, they just moved it over to Tink’s side to make more room for the studio to be moved there. Princesses aren’t “taking over,” the shop just happens to be in the Castle’s courtyard, so it makes sense to have it “princessed-up” a bit more since Tink is moving to her own Pixie Hollow outside the walls eventually <3
    Think of it this way, "you're loosing a shop to gain an experience"

    I'm glad they kept the Sleeping Beauty dress there, I was one of my favorite features of the original shop ^_^ I was a bit concerned when I saw the Cindy dress in the second photo that they may have replaced it.

  3. I have to agree in that we appear to be on Princess overload. As the mother of two boys, it would be nice to see something suited to them for a change.

  4. This is sad. My daughter’s favorite character is Tinkerbell. When she was young we would always go into Tinkerbell’s Treasures so she could see and hear Tink fly around the shop. Just another step in what Disney calls progress. It’s all about the money now. No more history or memories.

  5. Tiner Bell’s Treasures is gone? (GASP!)

    Jack, I have taken to my bed! Princess attire I am all for, but taking ‘waking up Tink’ away is like stealing my childhood.

    My rant is over, thanks again Jack for the blog. My son when he was 6 years old suggested that they should do the colour change with Aurora’s dress during Spectromagic.

    I also cannot wait for the FantasyLand expansion.

    Thanks again 😀

  6. I think this is just another great example how disney can take something old and bring something new to life that all will enjoy.Can’t wait for the new Fantacy Land expansion. And I dont think we need to worry about good old tink she will have a new and much bigger area for us to find her in,and be able to enjoy her all the more.

  7. Jack,
    I always love reading your blogs! I’m excited about Sleeping Beauty’s dress! I wanted one when I was little that would change colors. Just wanted to let you know though it’s Meriweather, not Fauna, that changes the dress to blue! I know earlier you said you did the post quick so easy mistake! 🙂

  8. Last July the shop was half princess/ half tink and she was at the front of the shop to “wake up.” However, I believe the shop was still called Tinkerbell’s Treasures. Has anyone been recently to see if Tink is actually still there now that the name & function have changed? It wouldn’t make sense to evict Tink for 2-3yrs until the new area is open.
    Also, I agree that there is a worrying trend where the quaint and unique shops are being replaced by what is essentially the same shop and merchandise over and over again throughout the parks:( I used to insist on visiting every single gift shop as part of my experience, but now I find there’s no need. Somewhere, Mickey sheds a tear…

    Jack’s Comment:

    I remember when the shop was half Tink and half princess. It is no longer this way. The front half of the shop has been completely remodeled. If Tink still has a presence in this shop, it is minimal at best.

  9. I agree with Trudy. Why must everything be turned into a princess experience or a meet and greet! We are loosing all our traditional magic to this new commercial “family” merchandising trend! Not everyone who loves Disney is a family unit with small children!!!

  10. It just makes more sense to have the picture taken there.
    @Trudy tinkerbell is still in the store it’s up in the front of the store. That shop is like split in half with sleeping beauty on one side and tinkerbell stuff in the other.

  11. jack,
    just wanted to let you and your readers know that it is Exposition Hall, not Expedition Hall at the front of the Magic Kingdom. Didn’t want anyone to think that they were in Animal Kingdom at Expedition Everest! 🙂
    I’m hoping they add a Tinker Bell shop in the new Pixie Hollow, since she is one of my daughter’s favorite characters. thanks again for the info!

    Jack’s Comment:

    Thank you for catching my typo. I know the difference, but I dashed this blog off very quickly and wasn’t as careful as I should have been when proofing it. I appreciate the heads-up and I have corrected the blog.

  12. hey jack
    im not much into this princess stuff but im sure my sister will love it when we visit. I just hope my family will be able to drag her out of the shop without buying up the whole place. can’t wait for your next blog and as always, keep up the great work

  13. This is great! When my daughter had her Princess makeover we had to go all the way to the front of the park to get her pictures done. She had lost a bit of her sparkle on this hot day before the pictures were completed! Thanks Jack for all of your helpful information!

  14. How exciting!! I bet there will be a shop in the new Pixie Hollow area that will be even better than Tinker Bell’s Treasures was!! Change is sometimes a really super thing…the expansion of Magic Kingdom is a HUGE change and it’s going to be fantastic! Thanks for the post..every little change is part of the big gets me excited about going “home” in Jan. to see the progress in person!

  15. Oh, this IS depressing news. First we loose that beautiful shop The Kings Court in the castle to that dreadful Bibbidy Boutique, and now another quaint shop succumbs to pink, purple and glitter. Such a shame.

  16. Can you still catch glimpses of Tinkerbell?

    Jack’s Answer:

    Although I did not spend much time in this shop, I did not see any of the former Tinkerbell displays. That’s not to say she hasn’t found a new home in this shop, but I didn’t notice it. And since Pixie Hollow is one of the new additions to Fantasyland, I’m sure we’ll see a lot more of this pixie in the future.