A Walking Tour of Epcot’s United Kingdom Pavilion

It was great to receive so many wonderful comments regarding my “Walking Tour of Germany” blog. Thanks to all who took the time to comment and offer suggestions. I will do my best to incorporate your ideas in my future blogs.

In this blog we’ll take a walk down the streets and into some of the shops in the United Kingdom pavilion. Like with our stroll through Germany we’ll let the pictures do most of the talking. So, sit back and enjoy the walk with me.

Regardless of which way you enter into the United Kingdom area, whether it’s from Canada or France, the first thing that catches my eye are those bright red telephone booths.

Walking toward United Kingdom from Canada

United Kingdom telephone boxes

The Sportman’s Shoppe is a favorite for sportswear, sweaters and such.

The Sportman's Shoppe

Looking down towards the shops

The Crown and Crest shop is a really fun shop to browse through.

Crown and Crest shop

Inside the shop

Inside the shop

Inside the shop

The Toy Soldier Shop is where you will find games as well as things like Alice costumes.

The Toy Soldier Shop

The Rose and Crown Restaurant and Pub is a great place to stop and have a beer or a fantastic meal. Fish and chips and bangers; it’s hard to resist that great smell as you walk by!

Rose and Crown Restaurant and Pub

This is just how I picture British pubs to be.

Inside the pub

Rose and Crown restaurant check-in and beer stand. You may have seen me ordering a cold Bass from that stand.

Restaurant check-in and beer stand

Inside the Rose and Crown restaurant.

Inside the Rose and Crown restaurant

The Rose and Crown restaurant has outdoor seating. This is a fantastic place to sit and eat.

Outside seating

Looking down the main street.

Walking the main street

The Fish and Chip stand.

Fish and Chip stand

If you like tea, this is the place to stop.

Tea Shop

The Queens Table has some really beautiful British china and figurines.

Looking toward the Queens Table

The Queens Table

The next couple of pictures are of the back concert area. It’s a great place to find some shade and sit and relax on a hot Florida day.

Concert area

Concert area

Concert area

The bandstand where the group the British Invasion play.

Bandstand where the British Invasion play

The following pictures are of the Butterfly and Herb Garden. What a place to relax!

Entrance to Butterfly and Herb Garden

Another view of the Butterfly and Herb Garden

More of the Butterfly and Herb Garden

Looking out from the Butterfly and Herb Garden

The British Invasion performing. Love those Beatles song! “We all live in a yellow submarine, yellow submarine…,” OK, blame me if you sing that for the rest of the day. -:)

British Invasion performing

Those zany Wold Showcase Players in action. They really are crowd pleaser’s!

The World Showcase Players

I just managed to catch Alice before she went running off after the White Rabbit.


Thankfully Mary Poppins decided not to fly away while I was taking her picture.

Mary Poppins

Two bonus pictures. No, it’s not Beauty and The Beast! -:)

Alice and me

Mary Poppins

I hope you all enjoyed this stroll through the United Kingdom pavilion. Write comment and let me know what you remember when you visited this wonderful place.

Well, that’s all for now. As my good friend says “see ya real soon”…DizneyMike

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19 Replies to “A Walking Tour of Epcot’s United Kingdom Pavilion”

  1. Hi Mike,

    Thanks for the wonderful tours through Epcot. I can’t believe how much I’ve missed out on by not delving deeper into the pavillions. A mistake I will NOT make again!


  2. I always loved the area where the British Invastion perform. I call it the Gazebo Gardens (I realize that is not the official name). Anyway, this area always reminded me of the scene in Oliver (movie 1968) when Oliver is looking out the window of his uncle’s house & sees all the ladies singing & selling milk & flowers,etc. I also reminds me of the scene in Mary Poppins at the end when they ‘go fly a kite”. I am also surprised that Wendy from Peter Pan & her brothers are not here. After all, a famous scene from that movie is in London-flying over Big Ben & the city.

  3. We’re going to Disney World for the first time this December. Your pictures make it look even more beautiful than I had imagined. Now, I’m really excited about our trip. Love your blog. Thanks for sharing.

    DizneyMike replies: Linda, you are going to love Walt Disney World! One of the most amazing things about it is how beautiful all the parks, hotels and the grounds are kept. Also, December is my favorite time to visit. The Christmas decorations are something to behold….Mike

  4. last Feb. when we were taking silly pics in the phone booths I was surprised to hear a real dial tone! I honestly thought all pay phones were gone! hahaha

  5. Hi Mike we really enjoyed your pictures. I was looking through them and was surprised to see my wife and I in a couple of them. We must of been doing the Kim Possible adventure at the same time you were taking your pictures. The United Kingdom has a lot of great picture spots.

  6. Great pictures! One of my goals for my next trip in September is to take pictures of out of the ordinary things- not just the usual tourist stuff :o) Your blogs are giving me some great ideas!

    A question- if I remember correctly, isn’t there a Pooh and Friends meet and greet area in the back of the Toy Soldier? The area in Magic Kingdom is always so crowded. The last time we were in the Toy Soldier we walked right up to the characters- no one was there! Just a tip to the Pooh fans out there :o)

    DizneyMike replies: Jillian, you are correct. You can meet Pooh in the United Kingdom pavilion. Unfortunately he wasn’t there when I was taking my pictures. Thanks for the tip…Mike

  7. Hi!
    This will be the first time for my kids to go to Epcot.
    We have going around the world showcase researching
    each country to get them excited for the trip. I love the
    fact you are going through the countries. Please do all
    of them! 🙂 The pictures are great!
    Thank you for your work!

  8. I was just thinking about the UK this AM as I opened up my last box of Twinings Blackcurrant tea. I always stock up while I’m in Epcot since it’s difficult to find elsewhere. I’m wondering how can I make 1 box of tea last until our next trip in October.

  9. UK is our favorite country, too. It is so peaceful and beautiful. Is there seating in the herb garden? I didn’t see any in the photos and can’t remember. I just wish the tea shoppe tea pots were more affordable. I also wish they’d add some new countries. I know they had plans to add Africa (this was before Animal Kingdom), Israel and a few others (used to have signs saying “coming soon” but then they were taken down). Thanks for the great photos.

    DizneyMike replies: Shirley, yes, there is some seating in the herb garden. It’s a great place to sit and relax. Like you, I would love to see more countries but I don’t know of any plans to add any in the near future….Mike

  10. You gave me my Disney fix for the day! My husband and I spend HOURS in the “UK” while in the World. We get a nice pint and watch our favorites—British Invasion! Thanks for the photos!

  11. Thank you for the lovely stroll this afternoon!
    Now if I could just stop by the tea shop and buy my favorite candy …. Cadbury Crunchie!

  12. Hi Mike,
    Spent a very busy afternoon, pretty much by ourselves in that little herb garden, watching a small bunny snacking on the herb du jour :-)If you can believe it, a very quiet and peaceful WDW experience! Keep up the blogs I’m addicted to you AllEars peoples!!!

  13. United Kingdom is me and my husband’s favorite place to be. We get ourselves a cold Bass or Harp and enjoy British Invasion. We are going to D-World this September I will be 4 months pregnant so no beer for me but I can still enjoy the atmosphere.

  14. Mike, Thank you for featuring what I consider the real treasure of Epcot. So many times I have heard friends say “Oh, we didnt visit the countries (or a certain country) because there weren’t any thrill rides. In my opinion, the countries are the real pearl of Epcot. Just strolling in a shop, talking to the staff who love to tell you about their home countries is so valuable! Please keep the pictures and travels coming!! Amy

  15. Mike thanks so much for the wonderful pictures. The UK pavilion has got to be my favorite in all of Epcot. My husband and I love stopping at The Rose & Crown to grab a pint and then head over to watch the British Invasion. Seeing your photos brought back wonderful memories of our trip this past Sept, singing and dancing to all those great Beatles songs. They also make it a tad bit easier to wait for our trip next year. We will be traveling with my sisters family and this will be her childrens 1st trip to the World. We have been having a great time reading your blogs and looking at your photos. At 8 and 9 years old World Showcase is not the most exciting place in the World for a child but sharing your blogs with them has gotten them excited about visiting and learning about other countries. We look forward to each installment. Thanks again.

  16. This is what is great about your posts and Jack Spence’s…..after going 10 or 20 plus times it’s good to pick different things to look more into.

    All the little details that for most go unnoticed, you guys bring them out for all to recognize.

    We go in 47 days, and all the little details you and Jack show will just add to the fun for our next trip!

  17. These blogs are great! Usually when we visit World Show case, we walk around, drink some beer and move along. I’ve been to Disney World a million times, but this is certainly making me want to schedule an extra day of vacation next time just for World Showcase. I also thank you for brining a little bit of of the Disney Parks to me with your blog! Keep them coming!

  18. Thank you so much for the post! I leave in 3 days for my 17th trip…and these pictures have made me even more excited. Thanks for the trips around the world!!

  19. My daughter and I recently spent a good part of the last Saturday of our vacation at Epcot “chasing villains” around the World Showcase lagoon as part of the Kim Possible World Showcase Adventure. In addition to being great fun, it pulled me deeper into the countries then I had ever been in about a dozen previous trips (yes I am ashamed). If I hadn’t done the Adventure with Kim Possible, I would not be able to smile with recognition at half of the wonderful UK pictures you posted (or the previous ones either). Thanks for bringing back the recent good memories.