Focus on Disney World – Where in the World? #18

This was Challenge #17:
Where in the World #17

And here’s the answer:
Living Seas
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You’re going to have to get up early to beat the Romano family! Once again, Christina, Nick and Annette Romano have won this week’s challenge. Christina was first to let me know that this cute little fish lives on the outside of the Living Seas with Nemo building in Epcot’s Future World.

Congratulations also go out to Mary, Christina Cella, Chris Burns, Brooke Kern, Kari Svinarich, Emily Rennie, Shannon Milair, Heather Lyons, Blair McGee, Amiee Stooksberry, Belicia Dawson, Jennifer Bourg, Amanda Campbell, Anne Hainsworth, Willie Tople, RR Martin, Lisa Simons, Paula Potts, Charlotte, Shiraz Biggie, Trish Babler, Jennifer Horst, Ken Fischler, Carinne, Karen Schlumpf, Anderson Dun, Judy Koslowski, Melissa Littman, Katie Poole, Erica Adkins, Erin, gshaw7, Austin O’Blenis, Collee Dubin, Nancy Ahlsen, Deborah Shauan, Richard Uhler, Jennifer Lalli, Kelly Jean Clarkson, Cathy Adams, Melissa Wheeler, Matt Cofone, Jude Toups, Brittany Irish, David Hicks, Angie Volluz, Monica Alderman, Cheri Fitz, Jennifer Dye, Jane Bradley, Darlene Harmon, Vicki Vaught, Tim Rachuba, Catherine Chiarello, Charissa Banks, Betsey Pickard, Debbie Hudson and Sharon Pierce. All of you also gave the correct answer and will be entered in the December winner’s drawing.

Challenge #18: Where in the world is this?

Where in the World #18

Do you know? Do you have a guess? Send in your answer by clicking HERE!

Everyone who sends in a correct answer to a Where in the World Challenge this month will be entered in a drawing at the end of the month for a copy of Hidden Mickeys Walt Disney World by Steve Barrett and some special AllEars® goodies!

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