Focus on Disney World – Where in the World? #15

This was Challenge #14:
Where in the World #14

And here’s the answer:
Out for a Hike
Copyright © 2006 Barrie Brewer, Nikon D50/18-55, 10/2000s shutter, f7.1

OK, that was an easy one! Nearly everyone knew that this was a photo of Daisy Duck hiking with Hewey, Louie and Dewey at Camp Minnie Mickey in Disney’s Animal Kingdom. Congratulations to Casey Wittekind! She was quick with her response and is the official winner of Challenge #14.

Several people thought that it was Donald leading this group, not Daisy. Maybe they know something about Donald that I don’t so I included them as winners too! That means there was an amazing 105 people who sent in the correct answer this week!

Congratulations to Amiee Stooksberry, Amy Cole, Amy Debevec, Amy Eastman, Anderson Dun, Angela Haire, Anick Nolin, Anthony Dearman, April Pangburn, Ashley, Barb Murin, Bernadette Weltsek, Bethany Mattiuz-King, Bill, Blair McGee, Brian Martsolf, Brittany Irish, Brooke Kern, Carol Gamill, Caryn Schill, Casey Wittekind, Catherine, Cheri Fitz, Chloe, Christina Romano, Christine, Christy Miller, Danielle Destefano, Darlene Harmon, Debbie Hudson, Diana Blanchard, Diane Schlicht, Ed Aleszczyk, Ella Harmeyer, Emily Presgrave, Emmy-Lou, Erin Rix, Frank Finkin, Frank Pierce, Gerry, Heather Young, Heidi Summers, Isabella Pedone, Jaclyn Frye, Jacquelyn Law, James Hickey, Jane Bradley, Jane Cash, Jennifer Bourg, Jessie Romano, Jodi Higgins, Joe V., John Ames, John Derrico, Judy Koslowski, Julie Fahrner, Jyl Deshler, Karen Dressersmith, Karen Kenney, Karen Schlumpf, Kathy Love, Kelly Scott, Kristin Padalik, Laura Barnes, Lisa Beth, Lisa Forsythe-Kane, Lisa Honard, Lynne Workinger, Marianela Olivares, Marie Bertini, Mark, MaryAnn Eckenrode, Matt Roseboom, Melissa Wheeler, Michael Gainey, Michael O’Blenis, Mike Himel, Minnie Escobar, Nancy Kruczek, Nicole Gray, Rachel, Raj Boora, Richard Martin, Riva Janes, Robert Flaherty, Robert Speed, Ronald Zinke, Ryan Simms, Samantha Sim, Sandra Shaw, Sandy, Scott Button, Scott Cerino, Shari, Sharon Pierce, Shawn Hyde, Stephen Hafke, Susan Calhoun, Susie McCallister, Tammy Bozman, Tammy Petone, Terri, Theresa Rucando, Tracey Hvizdos, Vicky. All of you will be entered in the November winner’s drawing.


Challenge #15: Where in the world is this?

Where in the World #15

Do you know? Do you have a guess? Send in your answer by clicking HERE!


Everyone who sends in a correct answer to a Where in the World Challenge this month will be entered in a drawing at the end of the month for a a copy of Hidden Mickeys Walt Disney World by Steve Barrett and some special AllEars® goodies!

No more lurking out there – if you think you know the answer, be sure to send it in so that you don’t miss out on your chance to win something very cool!

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