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Contemporary Resort (Deluxe Resort) (9 / 10)

Best resort I've ever stayed in. View of the fireworks every night is worth every penny.

Splash Mountain (10 / 10)

Has everything. Thrill ride, relaxing, cheerful, great theme queue, long enough to enjoy.

Beach Club Resort (Deluxe Resort) (8 / 10)

Pool was excellent. Beaches and Cream is a wonderful place for a burger and ice cream.

Frozen Ever After (5 / 10)

Not as good as the Maelstrom.

Impressions de France (7 / 10)

Wonderful film. Makes you want to visit.

Reflections of China (3 / 10)

not very interesting

Spaceship Earth (8 / 10)

Great way to relax and learn.

Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular (6 / 10)

Was once a great show but they never updated it over the years. The guy in the crowd is too obvious.

Fantasmic! (7 / 10)

This is a first rate show. If you like fireworks and loud action, you'll love this. Story is grea...

Muppet Vision 3D (9 / 10)

If you like the Muppets, this show is for you. The 3-D elements are fun and the show is hilarious.

Affection Section – Rafiki's Planet Watch (3 / 10)

This attraction is not very interesting. Takes forever to get there and back but the train in nea...

Finding Nemo: The Musical (10 / 10)

This is the best show on property. The story is made almost real with the puppets. The music and ...

Avatar Flight of Passage (9 / 10)

The only reason this gets a 9 is I get motion sickness. But even with that I stilled loved this r...

Kali River Rapids (7 / 10)

You're gonna get wet and its fantastic. Go late in the day. The boats are so cool.

Hall of Presidents (9 / 10)

Great show to learn about our country. They do a good job including all the presidents. Also a gr...

Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh (8 / 10)

Wonderful dark ride with heffalumps and woozles. The honey pots are a trip. Miss Mr Toad though.

Peter Pan's Flight (9 / 10)

You get to ride in a pirate ship! The flight above London is so cool.

Tomorrowland Speedway (5 / 10)

Outdated use of the area. Should have converted this to the Cars franchise about 10 years ago. Li...

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