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Service - full lunch and dinner

Reviewed by memakwed Review Date: 05/09/2018

Rating: (7)

We stopped for drinks in the heat before fantasmic. I ordered 3 waters, a large sprite and a berry lemonade. This trip the waters seem small but it could be me thinking last year they were the larger size. The at the size of a small coffee but free so it's still nice. Sprites sprite nothing to say there. The berry lemonade was $9.75, and had alcohol in it and the cm made us aware of it. We waited quite a bit for drinks. People that ordered food after us got the orders and we only had drinks. The seating was shaded and the table was large enough for 5 of us. Maybe next time we'll try food. It smelled good




almost$10 for an alcoholic drink
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Reviewed by saffie Review Date: 12/03/2017

Rating: (10)

I loved this little stop for several reasons. First, everyone in our party found something they wanted here, and that's a difficult task with nine people; everyone loved what they got. Second, there was ample seating available, and we didn't have any problems finding two tables. Third, and most important...FRIED GREEN TOMATO SANDWICHES! My daughter and I got the fried green tomato sandwich, and if we had gone to Hollywood Studios more than once this trip I probably would have gotten it again. Yummy! You should have no problems finding something to eat here if you like your standard fare of burgers and fries. We definitely recommend this spot.


Fried green tomato sandwich!


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Reviewed by bethocindigo Review Date: 10/20/2016

Rating: (6)
Not Recommended

Everyone loves chicken fingers and when they arrived, they were fresh and hot. There was a wide array of dipping sauces that could be found on the fixins bar but after a few hours, both my husband and son complained about having heartburn so eat at your own discretion.


Chicken Fingers and a fixins bar


gave us heartburn
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