Favorite Spots to Watch Parades at the Magic Kingdom

AllEars.net® readers were asked,
"Where is your Favorite Place in the Magic Kingdom to Watch a Parade?"

Here's what they had to say:

The OVERWHELMING favorite location is….
Main Street USA!

…sitting right on Main Street and watching the parades. Reminds me of being a kid at Disney. Lisa Tournour

…on the pavement, behind the rope, in front of the car barn doors where you get a dead on view of the parade coming on stage if it's going UP main street, or the same view with the train station as a backdrop before it turns to go off stage, as it comes down main street. Careermavn

….the corner door of the Emporium towards the Fire Station. I am fascinated to watch the cast members cue up the parade participants. Bill Lambrecht

….either in front of the Emporium or across the street somewhere between the Candy Shop and the Jewelry store. Oh to be there now! Susan Bernhart

…..from the curb in front of the Emporium with a bucket of popcorn and some snacks. Michael Kavanagh

The hub on Main Street. We travel with a child in a wheel chair and another one who can't walk or stand for long periods who uses a stroller. This area gives us the room we need and the children love the area because we can also see Cinderella's Castle. Dianne Spawn

…..in front of the new Main Street Barber Shop. When it was just package pickup we were the only ones there. It was great watching the floats pass by as they returned to their backstage home! RMck158

…just outside the firehouse near the Train Station and entrance to Magic Kingdom. On the days that the parade begins there, we have been able to watch it appear and circle before heading down Main Street. And if we are trying to beat the masses to the bus we can head out as the parade is just getting started. Terry Heyward

….right on Main Street in front of the Bakery. The smell of tollhouse cookies and the Disney magic right in front of us is to much to bear! I feel like I am part of the magic! I always shed a tear or two. Michelle Tracy

On the curb on Main Street right in front of the "Indian" statue. Susie

In front of the Kodak store on the curve. Easy to get film too. Stellwag Family

….inside Tony's enclosed porch, on a cool night with a hot chocolate and my family. Stunkeys

The hub. When the parade is headed down Main Street towards the Castle, it circles 3/4 away around the hub before it turns off towards Liberty Square. We wait until the Cast members put the rope across the hub, then we sit in the street right at the rope, facing the castle. The parade circles the hub and the characters and floats come straight at you before turning towards the street. Paul Mackey

… we got a couple of hot dogs and drinks, and sat on the round bench that makes up the hub in front of Cinderella Castle. We had a tremendous seat and viewing spot for the Main Street Electrical Parade. People came and SAT on the sidewalk in front of us, but where we were on the bench there was no obstruction at all. This is one of my all-time favorite Disney memories, one I will remember forever. Robert Amerault

In front of the castle. Sometimes there's a show there before the parade, so we get to catch both the show & then the parade. Janine Ho

Right over the bridge behind the Castle. I really like the side by the Christmas store, that way when Mickey comes over the bridge you can get an awesome picture of him with the Castle in the background. Of course, this only works when the parade starts at the Fire House! Joan

Sitting with my brother in the handicapped section right in front of the castle. Works for me. Kim Murawski

…as you walk up Main Street towards the Castle, veer to the right towards Tomorrowland. To the right of the curb, there is a garbage can and lamppost. The curb in front of the can gives you a great evening parade view. You also are facing the Castle for the fireworks! I have dibs! Bob Desimone

…at night, our family much prefers sitting on the Tomorrowland side of the circle up toward the castle. The lights in the trees twinkle and add more excitement to the parade. Usually 30 minutes before the parade starts, we set up on the curb. Annamarie Zimmerman

My favorite spot for watching the Magic Kingdom Snowglobe parade was at the foot of Main Street sitting next to you!!!!! LOL How are you????? The tape I took that day was great – it's fun to watch all of the characters waving at me – especially Cinderella and the Prince and the Mice! We had a ball at the party – I was asked to pose for a lot of pictures with kis that thought I was the "real" Fairy Godmother! And of course, it was so nice to meet you -such a surprise! Nancy Ahlsen

… at the fire station. You got to see the vehicles as they were just coming out of the car barn and not to many people knew about it. Dumbo4disney



From the balcony of the train station. After the parade it's fun to watch the crowd swarm up Main Street. It's an amazing sight. Dejimel

… the second level of the train station and you do have to arrive very early – at least 1 hour before the parade to secure a chair and small table. Send one member of your party off to get FOOD!! Then relax and people watch. When the parade goes past you have a birdseye view of everything that is going on. Pam Pinkham

On the second floor balcony facing the castle there are several chairs at the edge of the balcony. It's a great place for dear hubby to sit and hold a few chairs while I go do some quick souvenir shopping at the shops across the street. Another advantage to being at the start of the parade is that it ends quicker at your end and you can hop on the train to go ride Splash Mountain before the crowds from the parade arrive. Kathy Butler

The railroad station verandah. You can see the parade, you can watch the faces of the people (especially the children) enjoying the parade, and it is a wonderful place to watch the fireworks after the parade. You can see Main Street, the castle, and be a little removed from the crowd. How much better does it get??? Ellen

… atop the railroad station at the front of the MK. Not only is it less crowded, it makes for an easy exit to bus or car after the night parades. Dave and Jan Matchinga.


Right around the corner from the Splash Mountain drop, just where you can see the "dropees" heading back towards the ride all soaking wet. We face the entrance to the cafe and if the kids need to use the bathrooms they are right inside the doorway there. SUZANNE

…back in Frontierland. Most people don't want to walk so far that late, so it's quite easy to get a good, comfortable spot right on the rope! Elizabeth Smock

In a rocking chair on the porch in Frontierland. This has got to be the best. It has been for our family sense 1979. Barbara & Ed

Just outside the Country Bears. You get a nice long look as the floats and paraders march down past the long stretch. Thanks. Brad Kramer

… in Frontierland. It was also where the parade started. My family and I sat across from the Country Bear Jamboree. My parents preferred the benches and I preferred the ground right along the rope. This location provided a great place for us all to view without getting lost. Dumbo4disney

… in front of Pecos Bills. We usually have a pretty large group, with strollers, etc. There is adequate stroller parking, and we can take turns riding other things, such as Splash Mountain, Pirates, Thunder Mountain, etc. while others save the table. We usually eat dinner there, also. Kay Scherdin

…Frontierland, because we're usually a little late in getting to the parade route and the parade doesn't reach Frontierland for a while. Also, when the parade is over there, it's over all over the park and therefore much easier to get where you're going next. Jeff Glenn

From the front porch of the Country Bear Jamboree. Mary

…next to the Turkey Wagon in Frontier Land (across from the Country Bear Jamboree).Gloria Martin

The porch near Pecos Bill's restaurant. It is normally very quiet and we are able to get great pictures. If you time it right you can even watch the fireworks from there. Carol

…I love relaxing at the Pecos Bill Cafe.I get to see the parade coming towards me where I sit and enjoy a bite and drink,and watch as it turns a bit to continue on it's way.I'm just so darned used to relaxing and eating while a parade goes by,and it saves wear and tear on the feet as well…so very important in order to continue running like crazy once the parade clears! 🙂 EdwardRCox

Right next to the Indian on the sidewalk in Frontierland! Dana Bobrowski

…directly across the street from Pecos Bill's Cafe. You can get an ice cream float to enjoy while waiting for the parade and as soon as the parade is over you can catch some very short lines for Splash Mountain and Big Thunder Mountain. WAldr33239

…Frontierland near the Churro Wagon. We get there early enough to sit on one of the benches, and while waiting we snack on–"Churros". When it's closer to parade time I grab a seat on the pavement by the rope. We have it all there – a great parade viewing location and snacks. I'm retired and I'm going to Disney World!! Althea Duede


After feasting on a yummy and patriotic meal at the Liberty Tree Tavern, our family likes viewing the evening parade by stepping out of the back door of the Tavern itself. It sort of feels like we are watching from our own porch. This has become our family tradition whenever we spend Christmas Eve in WDW. Plan on doing it again this year too! Sue (Bird)

The path by the Liberty Square Riverboat launch. We have always been able to find a good place for the kids to see the parade, which is usually the biggest challenge. Darcy Sherburn

… standing on the Stock Platform (this is the wooden structures that you place your head and hands in and wait for the guillotine). This is located in the area in front of the RiverBoat. Standing on the platform puts you above the crowd a bit and you are facing the parade coming straight at you!!!! But get there early, seats go fast!!!!Grande, Shirley

Directly in front of the Hall of Presidents. The parade comes right around the corner there and this year the 100 Years Celebration Parade floats stop right there and all the festivities are right in front of you! You also get a great cold breeze from the Hall of Presidents doors on a hot Florida day! Jennifer Segrave

On the corner near "Mickey's Ye Ol' Christmas Shoppe," in Liberty Square, we can stand on a raised area and can see wonderfully. Alicia

At the Liberty Bell. I always had a special place in my heart for that spot, but now with all of the recent events, it's even more special. tracey.s.moffett

My favorite place to watch a parade would have to be at the gazebo which is located on the road from Liberty Square to Cinderella's Castle. This would be because—2 years ago I brought my 2 daughters aged 4 and 5 on their first trip to Disney (It was my 5th). While in the Magic Kingdom on our first day we sat on the corner and were asked to move. Then a cast member came over and asked me if I wanted to move to the Gazebo. Thinking my corner seats where great I said no. She then replied " No, really you should move there, It's a great experience." So I said OK. She asked us to wait by a sign and wait for another cast member to greet us. Upon being greeted by a second cast member, he had us follow him to a gazebo along the walkway to Liberty Square. There we saw 2 benches. So we sat down. We met 2 cast member who ironically were from PA., like us. He then told us to be prepared for a great time. Well the Magical Moments Parade started and as one of the floats came by a cast member walking with the float (I believe a gazelle) came over and took our 2 girls out to the float to participate. We'll this continued on with every float that past us. I got great video of the girls participating and of the cast member walking by coming right up to my camera. Even Mickey Mouse! All this on my daughters first day of their first trip to Walt Disney World!!! Remember the Magic!!!!! SueAnn Irish

…a porch behind the Hall of Presidents (right near the exit). It is an elevated porch with two rocking chairs, we put our kids to sleep using the rocking chairs an hour or so before the parades start, then they sleep in their stroller until the parade wakes them up and we watch the whole parade from the comfort of the rocking chairs. Dolfanbob1

Sitting along the rail on the pathway from Liberty Square to Cinderella's Castle. We can see all the parade going by over the bridge between LS and Main Street. It's a little more peaceful and relaxing there. Stimpy462

Right in front of the Sleepy Hollow snack booth in Liberty Square. We know just where they put the rope up that we need to stay behind and we like to watch from there. We have a backpack that converts to a stool and we also bring a portable tripod stool. We've learned early on that the ground is really hard. Just look for the Disney nerds on the stools. Sue Cameron

From the covered walkway between Liberty Tree Tavern and the Diamond Horseshoe Revue, worked great for us on a sprinkley day, had unobstructed views and the parade stopped in front of us for the kids participation time . Cindy Y Crawford

…near or on the path that leads from Sleepy Hollow Snack Shop up to Cinderella's Castle. You get a clear view of the parade as it crosses the bridge into Liberty Square. Spectro Magic is especially beautiful from that vantage point. Plus, it rarely gets crowded and you have easy access to Fantasyland when the parade passes by. You are also in a great spot for fireworks after the nighttime parade. Sue

… next to the Liberty Bell. Since my mother has a difficult time walking the parks, she gets a wheelchair. The Disney CM's reserve an area next to the Liberty Bell for Guest in wheelchairs which provides a great view. The planter right behind the reserved area is also a great spot to setup a tripod and camera to film the parades. The planter adds enough height so you can film above everyone else and get a full view. David Batten

While down at Disney a few weeks ago, we were able to see the SpectroMagic Parade – a first for us. We found a fabulous location to watch this "lighted" parade — it's the area just to the left of the castle, (Cross the bridge into the Liberty Square area and make an immediate left back towards the Christmas shop/stone bridge). Although it wasn't a great location to take pictures, we could see everything with an unobstructed view. This area has several benches, and we were able to put the benches in rows, so we also had seating (though the big kids thought sitting on the stone wall of the footbridge was more fun!). It was so nice not jockeying for position to see everything. Also, there were very few people there, even though the park seemed packed that night (10/27). Lisa McNurlan



My favorite places are the rather obscure ones… I like to sit near the beginning or the end of the parade route. It's a great and less crowded view of the parade, the end (especially when the parade is headed back into the park) makes getting out of the parks a little bit easier. The beginning is great when the parade is headed toward the entrance because we get a jump on getting back in line for all the rides. Sometimes I think it would be nice to be RIGHT SMACK in the middle of the parade routes, but I don't think we'd get a really clear view without having to fight for a good spot 2 hours before the parade and I would rather be running around the park than sitting on the curb 🙂 Alison Turner

The best for us, less crowded and better view, is in ToonTown by the gas station. Even some benches to sit and relax. BpiJanis



For a far more dazzling experience, next time watch from the hub, so that the parade heads towards you, coming down Main Street, and wraps around you on its way to the Liberty Square bridge. Pay particular attention to the Three Little Pigs float. You'll notice that Practical Pig, paintbrush in hand, has two pails of paint in front of him – one white, one color. At specific points in the show, he will dip his paintbrush into one pail or the other, and as he does so, the color he chooses will begin to flow from the front of his float all the way to the end of the parade. Depending on his choice, everything (and everyone, even the walkalong characters) will change color. This is a spectacularly achieved effect, and is very dazzling when your vantage point affords a view of several floats at once. Rºoºb

My families favorite place to watch the parades at the Magic Kingdom is on Main Street in front of Casey's. We always get there early enough so that we can eat at Casey's then go across after eating and get ice cream at the ice cream parlor. We always do this for Spectro Magic too, as it makes awesome pictures to take of the parade when it's going towards the castle. waltsdream

Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Parade

We found a great location during the special Halloween night parade quite by accident as we had dinner booked at the Liberty Tree Restaurant which of course was great with all the characters wearing disguises. During the middle of our meal we heard music and looked right out the window where we were sitting and could see something going on but to see even better we went to the front door which gave us a fantastic view of the entire parade. It was repeated later and that time we even got to see the "Headless Horeseman" kicking off the parade – wow!! What a big horse and fun scary parade. We had taken our niece, two nephews and sister-in-law. One of the boys wanted to wear a skeleton costume so we told him it'd have to be a theme skeleton – maybe one from the Pirates of the Carribean – since the other nephew and my husband were pirates and I was a peasant wench. This was two years ago and we've been back twice this year but are planning to include Halloween next year again – they have so many great extra things going on – Disney really knows how to throw a party!! Donna & Larry Komidar – Chesterland, Ohio


The absolutely best place to watch the Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Parade is on the balcony of the train station. They have seats there that you can sit on (which is great if you want to get there a little early) and you don't have to worry about someone getting in front of your camera. Tonia

And Finally…

Nothing is more magical then the castle in the backgroud and the balloon venders wandering around. When I'm sitting and waiting for the parade to start I know I must be in heaven on earth. I get chills just thinking about it. Tracey Guay