4 Magic Kingdom Restaurants I’ll Never Eat at Again

Welcome to your Disney World vacation! Today’s your day in Magic Kingdom and it’s time to find somewhere to eat. Should be easy, right?

Magic Kingdom

WRONG. SO WRONG. Here’s the thing, Magic Kingdom is just that — magical. The food choices? …Not so much! You would assume a picky eater like me would have a field day in this park because it’s really not known for having many adventurous options. The problem is though that even some of the SIMPLEST dishes are being ruined, in a lot of our readers’ eyes. We asked them on Facebook what Magic Kingdom they’d never return to, and I have to admit, I agree with A LOT of what you’re saying!

Now, to preface: We don’t say this to make you feel bad if you do love these restaurants. Nor are we saying that they can’t be redeemed! The quality of Magic Kingdom’s restaurants fluctuate from year to year (month to month, if we’re being honest), and we don’t tell you these things just to be negative. We tell you these things because you, our readers, express frustration when you’re disappointed by a restaurant and you wish you could have been told ahead of time. So this is us telling you to proceed towards these restaurants with caution!

Be Our Guest

By far the number one restaurant on this list was Be Our Guest. This table service restaurant is EXPENSIVE and is located in the back of Fantasyland (where you see the Beast’s Castle high up on the hill!).

Be Our Guest Restaurant

If there’s one thing that’s consistent about this restaurant over the past few years, it’s this sentiment many of our readers shared, which was essentially, “the atmosphere is incredible! The food, however, is not.”

Short Rib Beef

This also isn’t a character dining meal — you’ll see the Beast come out and get to wave to him…but that’s it. And when you’re paying $60+ per person for amazing atmosphere, a wave to the Beast, and food that’s less than ideal? Yeah, I can see why you’d be mad.

Beast hosts the meal, but the interaction isn’t great

I personally stay away from dining at this restaurant because it’s a prix-fixe menu (meaning you only have a few choices to choose from for each part of the meal), and since my taste buds are that of a 5-year-old, but I myself am 23 and can no longer order off the kids’ menu, I keep my distance. I know myself well enough to know the only thing I’d like is dessert, and that’s DEFINITELY not worth the cash drop.

Cinderella’s Royal Table

Also on this list is Cinderella’s Royal Table, another table service meal that costs $60+ per person located INSIDE Cinderella’s Castle.

Cinderella’s Royal Table

And when I tell you this one is on the list for almost the EXACT same reasons as Be Our Guest, I’m not kidding. Many readers say that the atmosphere is something you HAVE to experience at least once, but the food leaves basically everything to be desired.

Magic Carpet ride at Cinderella’s Royal Table

At least this one is a pretty epic character meal though, so that helps justify the price tag! You’ll get the chance to meet multiple of your favorite Disney Princesses during the meal — Cinderella, Ariel, Snow White, and more!

Breedlove and Snow White

Again, I’ve chosen to stay away from this one because while I would love to dine in the castle someday, that prix-fixe menu is a no for me!

Tony’s Town Square 

I also wasn’t surprised to see this Main Street U.S.A. restaurant on this list because for YEARS it had the reputation of being one of the worst restaurants in Disney World as a whole.

Tony’s Town Square

The Italian food was Olive Garden quality (on a good day, which wasn’t most days), some readers complained their food was undercooked OR overcooked to the point of being inedible, and while it wasn’t one of the most expensive table service meals in the park, the blech food just wasn’t worth the price.

Inside Tony’s Town Square

However, we do need to say that in the past year, this restaurant has gotten a MAJOR glow up! The last time our team ate here, they actually really enjoyed it! So if you haven’t visited in a few years, we do recommend giving this one another shot.

Garlic Bread With CHEESE!

I personally would love to dine here soon, because simple Italian food is RIGHT up my alley. Bread and pasta? Count me IN!

Skipper Canteen

GASP! Yes, our readers put Skipper Canteen on this list too, BUT I can see their reasoning, so just hear me out!

Skipper Canteen

Skipper Canteen is a moderately priced table service restaurant located in Adventureland known for their more adventurous eats. We’ve always had great experiences dining here, but some of our readers shared that the spices used in the dishes have made some of them sick in the past.

Skipper Canteen Cheese Bread

And this is something very important to keep in mind! If you’re not familiar with the dishes being served and don’t often eat food with lots of spices, your system may not be used to it. This is why we recommend making sure you bring Tums, Pepto, or other stomach settling medication with you on your trip.

Perkins Thai Noodles with Steak

And this is EXACTLY why I won’t be dining here anytime soon though — I know that all the spices used likely won’t be what my tastebuds appreciate, so I’ll leave it to the rest of the team!

We’re always here to help you plan what restaurants may be the best fit for you and your family, so stay tuned to AllEars for all the latest Disney World restaurant news!

These are 6 Disney World restaurants we’ll never eat at again!

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2 Replies to “4 Magic Kingdom Restaurants I’ll Never Eat at Again”

  1. I ate at Skipper Canteen this May because of all the hype, so disappointing, I waited 15minutes for a waitress I finally got up and asked for one, I travel alone and have found that sometimes you are ignored, the food was cold and not great, one time only never again

    1. We went there for the first time this past spring and we liked it! The food was refreshing and delicious. We would go there again, but there are other places to enjoy as well.