6 Disney World Restaurants I’ll Never Eat at Again

There are a TON of restaurants in Disney World, so we totally understand it can be hard to decide where to eat.

Tony’s Town Square Restaurant

The problem is that not all restaurants are made equally, either — some we adore and will go back to time and time again, while others we refuse to step foot into unless someone forces us. We asked our readers on Facebook to tell us about the restaurants they’ll never go to again, and you may be surprised by some of the answers!

To preface, there were over 300 responses on just this one post, so it was hard to narrow them down! Here are the most common responses:

Be Our Guest

Unfortunately, we were not surprised to see this Magic Kingdom restaurant on the list. While Be Our Guest used to be adored, many guests feel it has gone downhill since the breakfast and quick service options were taken away.

Be Our Guest Restaurant

Many of our readers shared that they love the atmosphere of this restaurant, but the food just isn’t worth it. Other readers shared that it’s gotten so noisy inside, and one even told us that the restaurant was unable to accommodate her allergies.

Be Our Guest

If you or someone in your family is really into princesses, this is a great one-and-done kind of meal, but you still may wince when you remember how much you spent on one reservation for your whole family, and it didn’t feel worth it.

Coral Reef

Located over in EPCOT‘s SeaBase/The Seas with Nemo and Friends, many people have no clue this restaurant exists, and that’s likely for good reason.

Coral Reef Restaurant

While many people love the aquarium style look of this spot, again, the food is far from worth it. Many readers shared that the food takes far too much time to arrive, and when it does, the quality of food isn’t worth what you paid.

Coral Reef

Instead, head into SeaBase to see similar amazing aquarium views and save yourself some hard-earned $$$!

Space 220

This one may be a little controversial, but many readers shared that this EPCOT spot was NOT at all worth the price tag.

Space 220

Sure, the trek up into space in the elevator is awesome, and the theming is pretty unique, but so many readers shared that they were less than impressed with their food. (Starting to see a theme here? We certainly are.)

Inside Space 220

Now, this restaurant does offer some more unique “space” options, so if you have picky eaters in your party, this won’t be their favorite spot. But our readers didn’t mention being at all uncomfortable with the menu, just that the food was very subpar.


Another controversial one, this time located at Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort! You can dine here for a family-style character breakfast or a regular dinner, and while our readers love the characters, the rest of the meal falls flat.

Breakfast at ‘Ohana

And this is more recent, too! Before the 2020 park closures, ‘Ohana was one of the most sought after dining reservations in Disney World and was beloved by many. However, over the recent years, guests have begun complaining of feeling rushed by waitstaff, the food coming out cold, or just being plain inedible.


All we have to say is Disney…WHAT ARE YOU DOING?! It’s clear there are some problems here that need to be addressed, so let’s fix it up so everyone can enjoy their ‘Ohana noodles at the pace they’d like, okay? Okay.

Here’s why we’re REALLY worried about ‘Ohana in Disney World

Sci-Fi Dine-In Theater

Many people won’t be surprised to find this one on here. This is one of the few table service restaurants in Disney’s Hollywood Studios, and people have some BEEF with it.

Sci-Fi Dine-In

The biggest complaints for this spot are, you guessed it, the atmosphere is fantastic (albeit a little too dark) but the food is lacking. Again, our readers complained that some of their food came out cold, and it just overall wasn’t worth the price.

Inside Sci-Fi Dine-In

Now, I personally can speak to this one since I’ve dined here, and I’ll agree that it was a super cool experience, but kinda a one-and-done. If you’re a movie lover like me, budget to experience it once so it’s off your bucket list, and then prepare to move on to more impressive dining experiences.

Tony’s Town Square Restaurant

And we bet NO ONE is surprised to see this Magic Kingdom spot on the list because it’s been hated on for YEARS. And we get it! For years and years, this place was home to heavy, unappealing Italian food you could get at your local Olive Garden.

Tony’s Town Square

And is it still fantastic food? No, there are certainly better choices in the parks, BUT this spot had a menu overhaul last year that REALLY turned things around. Many of our readers complained of bland food that isn’t worth the price, and while we USED to agree with that, we don’t anymore!

Inside Tony’s Town Square

We’re begging you, if you’re a fan of italian food and you haven’t been to this restaurant in 2+ years, give it ONE more try for us!

So where are some spots we recommend instead? Rapid fire, we suggest:

Emma, Quincy, and Myranda with Mirabel at 1900 Park Fare

As always, be sure to stay tuned to AllEars for all the latest Disney news!

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