We Need To Talk About the Magic Kingdom Poop Smell.

It’s alright to admit when things just aren’t that great at Disney World especially when it comes to something as taboo sounding as poop (or at least its smell).

Ask us where the closest bathroom is!

Disney World has created its own set of rules for certain things you can and can’t do when you’re sick with typical bowel issues and we even have a few bathrooms we simply just won’t use (and a few that are our absolutely favorite). So we need to just take this bull by the horns and address why Magic Kingdom smells like poop.

When you walk through Magic Kingdom, it’s hard to ignore all the smells you’ll encounter in just a few hours. Most of the time, these are nice, pleasant, and even hunger-inducing smells…

Fresh Fruit Waffle Sandwich

… while other times you can get a whiff of something that makes your stomach turn in an instant. We know because we’ve smelled it, too!

Restrooms this way

Disney World does a tremendous job of trying to trick your nose into smells they want you to be smelling rather than smells you may encounter by accident. Sometimes though with hundreds of people roaming the park on any given day, avoiding some of the worst smells just isn’t possible. It’s not uncommon to walk across a sewer drain only to get the creeping scent of poop seeping into your nostrils and making you turn on a dime to see where it could be coming from.

Storm drain

Now, in a moment of delirium (because we know just how foul this can smell) you may be tempted to turn on your friends and family and could swear they were the cause of the stench. Or maybe it was the passing baby on its way to the bathroom for a diaper change. In either case, you’re probably wrong becuase the culprit was waiting right underneath your feet all along in the sewer drain.


But that’s not the only yucky smell that’s talked about constantly at Magic Kingdom. Take for instance the utilidors! Ask any Cast Member or park visitor who’s spent some time in the underground tunnels that span Magic Kingdom’s underbelly and they’ll tell you that it has a distinct scent of its own — trash.

Utilidor construction

Interested to learn more about why these secret tunnels are under Magic Kingdom? Check out our video right here!

While it might make for a fun story to tell later as you speculate on who “dealt it” it’s ok to realize that sometimes even the stinkiest odors can be found at Disney World.

Be sure to check back in with us for the latest Disney World news, updates, and more!

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Have you noticed weird smells as you’re walking around Magic Kingdom? Tell us what’s offended your nose in the comments below!

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