If You Have One of These Rare Disney Popcorn Buckets, We’re Mad Jealous

Disney has a long history of releasing cool popcorn buckets, and these are some of the best!

In recent years, popcorn buckets have taken the Disney collecting community by storm. These heavily themed plastic containers have become more ornate – with lifts, sounds, and moving parts – and rare, with some only available during special events or for a specific calendar season. In-turn, demand for them has spiked, with clips of collectors waiting hours to get their hands on a specific bucket going viral several times over. So what are the cream of the crop of Disney’s rare popcorn buckets? These are some of our favorites. 


Arguably the best known of Disney’s popcorn buckets, the Figment released in January of 2022 was arguably the “coming out party” for interest in collecting popcorn buckets. Social media lit up with reports and videos of fans waiting — reports varied of waits from two to seven hours — throughout EPCOT for the chance to get their hands on Figment, which were limited to two per customer. This led to initially skyrocketing secondary market prices, and mainstream interest. Figment has been made available several times since, but the impact of the first bucket can’t be overstated. Also, we salute any of you who really waited six hours to get one.

2022 Figment popcorn bucket

Cinderella Carriage 

The original version of the Cinderella’s Carriage popcorn bucket was first offered at Hollywood Studios and Disneyland — but oddly enough not the park that’s actually home to Cinderella Castle, Magic Kingdom — back in 2015. 

The carriage popcorn bucket!

Variants of the same design — including a glittering multicolored version featuring Cinderella in her wedding gown and a 100 Years of Magic metallic version — have also been released in recent years, giving collectors a chance to pick up a variant of it. 

Donald Duck 

Tokyo Disneyland is well-known for its litany of interesting popcorn flavors — curry anyone? — so it only stands to reason that the Tokyo Disney Resort has a well-known, exclusive popcorn bucket. This Donald Duck bucket is not only widely popular in Tokyo, but it’s also in-demand from Disney fans around the world, who’ll pay a pretty penny to get their hands on one. This exclusivity makes it a rare gem at the center of the popcorn bucket collection of anyone outside of Japan who gets one. 

It’s SO cute!

Oogie Boogie 

Launched for the 2017 Halloween season at Disneyland, this glow-in-the-dark Oogie Boogie popcorn bucket immediately became a favorite. The Nightmare Before Christmas antagonist is posed in a very character-specific way that may not be super convenient for storing popcorn, but looks fantastic on a collector’s shelf.

Disney Parks Blog

Lotus Blossom 

This Lotus Blossom popcorn bucket was introduced in conjunction with the Rivers of Light show at Animal Kingdom. The limited time bucket featured a light-up feature that made it beautiful to look at. However, the short-lived run of Rivers of Light let to the bucket becoming a relatively rare and obscure piece. 



The Dumbo ride vehicle is arguably the most iconic in all of Disney’s storied history, to the point where there’s one featured in the Smithsonian Museum! Therefore it shouldn’t be a surprise that this Dumbo popcorn vehicle modeled off of the attraction is in high demand every time it’s been released. 

Disney Parks Blog


This Star Wars bucket might be the most impractical popcorn bucket on our list — at least as far as snacking in the park goes — but it’s also one of the coolest. Modeled off of the massive AT-AT vehicles featured in The Empire Strikes Back, was available at several Disney parks, and was highly sought after by Disney and Star Wars fans like. 

Disney Parks Blog

60th Anniversary Balloon 

Launched for Disneyland’s 60th anniversary celebration in 2015, this bucket hits us right in the nostalgia feels as it’s modeled on the classic Disney balloon style that was featured in the park for years. The multiple available make this one especially cool — and makes putting together a complete collection of them much harder and much rarer. 

Disney Parks Blog

These are just some of the varied and rare Disney popcorn buckets that have been released over the years, and we’re sure more are on the way. Stayed tuned to AllEars for more popcorn bucket reveals. 

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Which of these Disney popcorn buckets is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below. 

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