Why EPCOT Experts Are Warning AGAINST This Popular Tip

EPCOT is the place to be!


If you have to choose one park to go to at Disney World, it’s hard to pass on EPCOT. That begs the question, “What should you do when you go to EPCOT?” Everyone has their own list of best tips and tricks for the park, but we wanted to find out from you what you thought would be the worst advice you could give someone when they visit EPCOT. We asked, and you delivered!

We reached out to our followers on Facebook to ask: “What’s the worst advice you could give someone visiting EPCOT?” We had quite a few people leave their opinions in the comments!

What do you think?

Now, let’s go over your top responses, and pay no mind to the order we list them in.

Eat a BIG meal and then ride Mission: SPACE Orange

First up, we have what, by all accounts, sounds like decent advice. If you’re leaving Earth on an interplanetary mission, you probably shouldn’t skip breakfast.

Mission: SPACE

Here let’s take a look at what you said:

  •  “Eat a big breakfast then go ride Mission Space Orange. 👍”
  • “Rope drop and ride Mission Space orange version first thing in the morning after eating a huge breakfast.”
  • “go straight for food then go to mission space orange.”
  • “Definitely do your drinking around the world before Mission Space, you’ll sober up.”
Orange Entrance

Right off the bat, we have to say y’all are wrong for this one. If you didn’t know any better, you would think this was going to be an easy, low-intensity ride, and boy you couldn’t be more wrong. Of the two options for Mission: Space (Green or Orange) the Orange side is more intense. That means, if you are prone to have a sensitive stomach when it comes to motion sickness, you may just want to avoid this ride altogether, but you definitely don’t want to ride it on a full stomach.

Try the Beverly

Next on the list, you’d like us to take a trip over to Club Cool and have a nice, TALL glass of Beverly to cool us down after enduring the Florida heat.

Club Cool in EPCOT

Here let’s take a look at what you said:

  • “Try the Beverly, it’s delicious!”
  • “Drink a ton of Beverly in Club Cool! It’s the best! 🥤”

We have to be honest. We may or may not have given this bit of advice, too. Since you don’t know, let’s just inform you. Beverly is an experience. Some might say that it’s a rite of passage. What we mean is that it’s not going to be the greatest flavor you’ve ever had. We’d recommend a small sip if you’ve never tried it, so you know what it’s all about, but definitely stick with the other flavors.

No Need for Sunscreen

Your eyebrows should have risen clear off your forehead at this one but for the sake of argument, let’s say you’ve gotten this advice. I guess that means that you don’t have to worry about sun exposure when you’re at EPCOT.

Spring at EPCOT

Here let’s take a look at what you said:

  • “No need for sunscreen 😂😂😂😂”
  • “Don’t worry about sunscreen”
  • “There’s plenty of shade, no need for sunscreen…”
It can get pretty sunny and hot around these parts

Listen to us: EPCOT is a VERY sunny place with minimal shade! If someone recommends against bringing a bottle of SPF, you should pack TWO at least. Staying hydrated and guarding your skin against the sun are going to be the names of the games when you’re at EPCOT.

No Need for Comfortable Shoes

Lastly, you mentioned that there’s no need to worry too much about your footwear at EPCOT. I mean, there are a number of fancy places, so maybe you’re saying we should rock our fanciest shoes for the world showcase.


Here let’s take a look at what you said:

  •  “Don’t worry about wearing good shoes. You won’t be walking that much.”
  • “Wear cute shoes…you won’t be walking much!”
  • “Wear your spike heels. Comfortable shoes don’t matter.”
  • “Dress shoes are appropriate attire.”
  • “Make sure you’re wearing brand-new shoes.”

If you couldn’t tell by all that sarcasm dripping off those responses, EPCOT is HUGE! You will be walking a TON. The walkway around World Showcase alone is over one mile. Also, if you know anything about us, we’re always telling you to protect your feet. Make sure to wear comfortable shoes. Never wear brand new shoes and leave those fancy ones at home.

Why Your Disney Park Shoes Should Come From TARGET

Those were just some of your thoughts on the worst advice you could give someone when they visit EPCOT. Stay tuned to AllEars for all the latest Disney news!

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What “terrible” advice do you have for people visiting EPCOT? Let us know in the comments! 

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