Nobody Is Talking About the NEW Twist They Put on a Classic Disney Souvenir

Did someone say CUSTOM Disney Souviner?

Magic Kingdom

We LOVE finding fun, unique souvenirs that can help you stand apart from the Disney World crowds. There is nothing wrong with the classic souvenirs you can find at the gift shops at the Disney Parks — those are quintessential Disney. However, there is something so FUN about having a unique souvenir that you are able to customize to your liking.

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Luckily, we found a souvenir that is both classic and custom! It’s like having the best of both worlds, and we’re so excited to snag one of these for ourselves so we can show them off in the parks.

Pin Traders

Check out these pinboard Mickey Ears!


If you’re a pin collector, then these ears are a great way to show off your favorites from your collection! If you’d prefer, you can even put your trader pins here so that everyone can see what you have to offer without trying to spot one on your lanyard. Either way, these ears are a GREAT way to show off those collections — especially with pin trading back in full swing at Disney World!

Check it out on BoxLunch!

We LOVE pin trading here at AllEars, and we think this souvenir will make it SO fun. Especially because you can customize it with your pins in whatever way you prefer.

Keep a lookout for these!

We’re always on the lookout for fun, custom souvenirs — so stay tuned with us at AllEars to see what we find next!

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