The Magic Kingdom HACK You Need Now That Be Our Guest Took Our Favorite Thing Away

We get it — Be Our Guest isn’t quite everyone’s cup of tea, especially since their last major menu changes.

Be Our Guest

But, if you’re willing to hear us out, we’ve got several points that make Be Our Guest a truly unique dining experience you just won’t find anywhere else across Disney World. So, if you’ve ever wanted to see what it’s like to step through those tall doors beyond the stone bridge to the castle, it might be worth your time.

Be Our Guest has become a very divisive restaurant. When it opened in 2012, it served quick-service meals for breakfast and lunch, and became a table service restaurant for dinner.  Today, it serves the same prix-fixe menu for both dinner and lunch — and there’s no breakfast available. However, if you still find yourself genuinely intrigued at the idea of trying this restaurant out, or just haven’t visited in a while, we’ve got a few quick ideas on why we think it’s worth a reservation!

Step on in

There are still a few major perks of snagging an opportunity to dine at Be Our Guest, even without the quick-service meal options.


This has to be THE most talked about restaurant solely for this very reason! The atmosphere here will blow your mind from the moment you walk up to the restaurant’s check-in outside the castle to finding yourself seated inside the Beast’s grand ballroom. It truly is unmatched and looks like it was ripped right from the movie’s animation pages!

Be Our Guest Restaurant in Magic Kingdom

The main dining room isn’t all there is to look at here though! If you find yourself in a bit of a more explorative mood you can also visit the smaller dining rooms and see personal portraits of the Beast, Belle, and all of their friends…

Be Our Guest Restaurant

… visit the west wing complete with the enchanted rose…

The Enchanted Rose in the West Wing

… and even grab a photo next to the iconic stained glass window from the movie!

The window

Character Sighting

While this meal isn’t a true “character dining” experience, it will have a nice surprise if you stay a while! The Beast has been known to pop into the dining rooms to welcome you to the castle, and it’s a great surprise to get to see him (even if it is fairly brief).

Your Host, The Beast!

While he won’t come by each individual table, you’ll still be able to grab a few quick pictures of him, and let’s face it, your trip to his castle won’t be complete until you meet the master in person.

A Meal With An Alcoholic Option

It wasn’t too long ago in Disney World history that Magic Kingdom was the ONLY park that DIDN’T serve alcohol. The opening of Be Our Guest changed that.


When this restaurant opened, select alcoholic options such as champagnes, ciders, beers, and wines were offered and opened up the possibility to have an adult beverage inside of Magic Kingdom.

So as you can see, there are still quite a few perks to opting for a chance to dine inside a castle at Be Our Guest, and we can’t say we’d blame you if you decided to try it for even just one of these reasons!

We’re always talking about the latest Disney news, updates, changes, and more so be sure to check back in with us at All Ears!

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Have you ever dined at Be Our Guest? Tell us all about your experience in the comments below!

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