FIRST LOOK at the New Bus Designs in Disney World

Disney transportation is a big benefit to staying at a Disney World hotel.

Disney buses are convenient for getting around the resort

You can catch a bus, the Skyliner, or Monorail to the parks. Recently, Disney has added 90 brand-new buses to their fleet. They feature things like better accessibility and even plugs to charge your phone (Disney realizes the toll your phone’s battery takes after a day in the parks). We happened to spot one of these new buses, but it wasn’t what was on the inside that made us notice it– instead, the outside caught our attention!

Not only did Disney get all-new buses, but they are adding new wraps to all of their buses as well! These new wraps will feature characters from movies like Zootopia, Ratatouille, and 101 Dalmations as well as Chip ‘n’ Dale, Orange Bird, Figment, and more! Currently, only the Zootopia and Ratatouille buses are in service, while the others will soon follow.


We happened to be out in Disney World visiting Disney’s Animal Kingdom when we noticed the Ratatouille bus parked at the Yacht & Beach Club Resorts spot in the bus depot! We couldn’t believe we had actually spotted this brand new bus with its pretty wrap out in the wild so soon after it had been added to the fleet.

Look how pretty it is!

Remy is flying through the air on the side of the bus, and it couldn’t have been cuter. We loved the new design! It was like spotting a celebrity in a sea of people, but there it was!

There he is!

The new buses with the new features and amenities are already in service, so you could find yourself on one of them the next time you take a Disney bus. They just may not have new wraps yet. We can’t wait to see all the new bus wraps as they begin to show up around Disney World. We’re keeping our eyes peeled for that Zootopia bus now!

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