If You Do 10/15 of These Things in Disney World, You’re Fancier Than The Rest of Us

A Disney vacation isn’t cheap, not by a long shot, but there are some things you can choose to do to make it even MORE expensive.

Magic Kingdom

Maybe you choose to stay on-property at one of Disney World’s deluxe hotels, or you splurge on a character table-service meal for a special treat. But some people wait to visit Disney until they can afford to do it the bougie way. If you do 10/15 of these things, you’re officially fancier than most of the AllEars team.

Club 33

Right at the top of the list, Club 33 is the ultimate way to know you’ve MADE it in Disney.

EPCOT’s Club 33 Location

For one, you’ve made it past the 500-800 person wait list, AND you’ve paid your $35,000 entrance fee, AND you’re prepared to drop tens of thousands per year to continue your membership. Yeah, you’re officially the bougiest.

Here’s how to get into Club 33 with OR without a membership!

Staying in A Suite/At Concierge Level

Staying at any deluxe Disney World hotel is quite the drop of cash, but if you’ve booked a suite or a room at the Concierge level, you are living our dreams.

Boardwalk Inn Concierge Lounge

These rooms are more elegant, more regal, and have more amenities than any other (except maybe the Cinderella Castle suite, but that’s invite only!). You’re paying a massive price tag, but it’s for good reason!

Learn more about Concierge Rooms here!

Victoria & Albert’s

Victoria & Albert’s is the most expensive restaurant on Disney World property. It’s located in the Grand Floridian Resort, and is widely recognized as one of the best restaurants in the state of Florida.

Queen Victoria Room at Victoria & Albert’s

The meal starts at $295 per person, and that’s without a wine pairing, which can cost between $100-$150 per person. It’s not a cheap meal, but it’s unforgettable, according to those who’ve gone. You can watch Quincy and Breelove’s Victoria & Albert’s experience right here!

Spa Days

We talk about taking time to have a resort day at your hotel all the time, which can be especially fun when you realize just how many free things there are to do at your resort. But if you’re looking to splurge, you can choose to have a Spa Day.


Also at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort and Spa, you’ll find Senses — an incredible location to relax and unwind and get all the special treatment you deserve. Compared to some of the items on this list, a massage, nail treatment, or facial may be within your budget, so it’s worth looking into and experiencing at least once!

Weddings/Vow Renewals

It’s no secret that 90% of weddings cost a pretty penny, but when you get married or have your vows renewed at Disney World, you’re REALLY going all out.


For Disney lovers, though, the cost is oftentimes totally worth it. You’re getting an experience few people ever get to have, you’ll have a wedding up to Disney’s standards (which are VERY high), and it’ll be a day you certainly will never forget.

One of our writers got married at Disney World! Read all about it here!

Private Fireworks Dessert Parties

Fireworks dessert parties already cost an additional amount, but PRIVATE fireworks dessert parties are a whole different beast.

Happily Ever After

These are special events you can book through Disney for your small group. Many of them haven’t returned after the COVID-19 park closures, but we’re hoping they’ll return soon!

Private Tours

If you’re looking for the ultimate Disney experience, you can book a VIP Private Tour for the day!


Your guide will take you all around the parks, getting you to the front of the line, sharing Disney secrets with you, and overall giving you an unforgettable day.

Learn more about VIP Tours here!

Wild Africa Trek

If you’re looking to get up close and personal with the wonderful animals in Disney’s Animal Kingdom, look no further than the Wild Africa Trek!

Wild Africa Trek

On this tour, you’ll not only get closer to the animals than ever before, but you’ll also be able to cross over rope bridges (on a harness, of course), eat a delicious lunch on the savanna, and have your photo taken during the entire thing!

Fireworks Cruises

One step down from a private fireworks dessert party is a Fireworks Cruise. These are for you and up to 9 guests to head out on the water to watch Magic Kingdom’s or EPCOT’s fireworks.

Fireworks Views

Prices start at $449 and include snacks and soft drinks, as well as festive  decorations if requested ahead of time. You’ll need to call Disney at (407) WDW-PLAY to book!

Building Your Own Lightsaber or Droid

Star Wars fans, unite! Over in Disney’s Hollywood Studios, you can build your own Lightsaber at Savi’s Workshop, AND your own Droid at the Droid Depot!

Savi’s Workshop Legacy Lightsaber

Building your own Lightsaber will cost $249.99 plus tax, while your Droid will cost you $119.99 plus tax. These are both fantastic experiences for fans of the franchise, and will likely be a core memory for people of all ages.

Check out our ultimate guide to building your own Lightsaber here!

Capture Your Moment Sessions

If you’re looking to take some extra special photos with your family or the group of friends you’re with, you can book a Capture Your Moment Session in multiple Disney parks!


These are personalized, 20-minute photo sessions that cost $99. It’s just your group and the photographer, and you can pick your favorite location in different parks. With one 20-minute session, you’ll only be able to pick one spot, but you can also book more than one (at $99 each) and choose multiple locations.

Check out the most recent location added to Capture Your Moment!

Keys To The Kingdom Tour

One of the most well-known and wished for tours in Disney World is the Keys to the Kingdom Tour, where guests are taken on a 5-hour walking tour around (and under!) Magic Kingdom to learn all about how the park functions, and all its secrets.

Summer Crowds in Magic Kingdom

Yes, this does mean you see the famous Utilidors underneath Magic Kingdom! However, it’s also a tour that, for lack of a better term, “ruins” the magic, since you’re learning about how things are done and seeing behind the curtain. The tour is anywhere from $129-$149 per person, depending on the time of year.

Renting Out The Parks For Events

YES it is possible for individuals or businesses to rent out the Disney parks for special events!

Magic Kingdom at night

Some content creators and companies have rented out the park, or parts of the park, to film certain projects, and other companies rent out the parks for their employees. No matter what the situation, it costs A TON of money.

Taking a Limo From The Airport To Your Disney Hotel

Frankly, this is bougie no matter where you do it, but if you’re taking a limo from the Orlando Airport to your Disney Hotel...we can’t tell if we want to be friends with you or BE YOU.

Crush Statue at Art of Animation

This isn’t something you can book directly through Disney — it’s something you, or the travel agent you’re working with, will need to set up. But Disney won’t stop a limo with passengers that have hotel reservations from coming in!

The Sommelier Room at Citricos

And last, but certainly not least, we have the Sommelier Room at Citricos for all our wine connoisseurs.


This is described as an “elevated food and wine experience” with wine and cocktail pairings by Sommelier Israel Perez and Chef Andres.

Magic Kingdom Entrance

We’re always here to bring you the latest Disney news, so stay tuned to AllEars!

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How many of these have you done? Tell us in the comments!

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3 Replies to “If You Do 10/15 of These Things in Disney World, You’re Fancier Than The Rest of Us”

  1. I’ve only done 2 of these things, one being the Keys to the Kingdom tour. It doesn’t, however, “ruin the magic “. It makes you appreciate the magic even more. Well done to all the amazing cast members.

  2. I’ve done 6 . One of them was the desserts fireworks and I wasn’t really impressed. But the jungle trek was outstanding