5 Disney World Rides Are Now Hopelessly Outdated. But Do They Have to Change?

For over 50 years, Disney World attractions have been entertaining guests of all ages! But for over 50 years, some of them have yet to change.

Cinderella Castle

Are these 50+ year old attractions… outdated? What about the rides that have just come out? Have they already met their demise?

We’ve got all the answers in this post so sit back, relax, and let’s talk Disney.

Spaceship Earth

This one was obviously going to make the list, as much as it hurts so deeply. Spaceship Earth is a favorite around here but man does it need a facelift (we’re so sorry it hurts to say that but it is so true).

World Celebration Gardens in EPCOT

Let’s be real, Spaceship Earth has not gotten any real updates since 2008, and it shows. With all of the rumors spiraling about Spaceship Earth getting a much-needed update, we’re begging Disney to hear our prayers.

Don’t get rid of Judy Disney, but please give the animatronics some TLC. 

Why Everyone LOVES Spaceship Earth

Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin

This ride has seen better days. This ride is truly tired and hasn’t seen a refurbishment or update in decades.

While the concept is genius and we love a shooter ride with physical sets, Buzz Lightyear simply doesn’t execute this concept in a way that has withstood the test of time, and that’s okay. 

Fry Bucket recently spilled ALL her Magic Kingdom tips, and you can watch her video here.

Journey Into Imagination With Figment

As a Figment lover, this one hurts but needs to be said. What hurts even more is that this ride has seen updates!! It is not the original ride that debuted in 1983!

Why has each update made it even more dated, we’re trying to understand!

Journey into Imagination with Figment

This is us pleading with Disney to please do our little purple dragon some justice, a meet and greet is simply not enough when the attraction is right there and updates could be within reach!

FIGMENT Will Be Featured on Disney’s Newest Cruise Ship! See the Details Here!

Peter Pan’s Flight

We know that this one is going to be controversial but in our humble opinions, it needs to be said.

You can safely soar on Peter Pan’s Flight.

Some of the scenes in this ride are simply in need of replacements, and we think that the ride as a whole can use an update our two. The ride can use just a paint job or track refresh to keep it the classic ride we all know and love.

Here Are 11 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About This Iconic Ride

Mission: Space

We’re not sure this is as controversial as it is important to discuss! We won’t lie when we say that this ride is not one we frequent often because of how motion-sick-inducing it is.

Mission Space

The screens need to be replaced, and we believe the ride system as a whole needs an overhaul. There are few things pleasant about this ride and while the whole green side and orange side are fine, please, please, please fix this ride, Disney.

Mission: SPACE

That completes this list! We think these five rides are simply in need of updates or replacements. While some of them may not need to change, others need large overhauls.

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Did we miss any rides? What do you think needs an update? Let us know in the comments below!

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3 Replies to “5 Disney World Rides Are Now Hopelessly Outdated. But Do They Have to Change?”

  1. Fun list. I could add/delete if I wanted (like every single person who is a Disney fan) but it’s more appropriate to comment on yours. Amen to Spaceship Earth and Imagination! The Earth updates are already mapped out, just tabled presumably because of Covid, so that shouldn’t be difficult. Please give Imagination the Mystic Manor treatment and cement this opening day classic as the E-Ticket it deserves to be, especially since it appears Figment has survived 40 years to be the “un”Official Epcot mascot! With the Test Track update upcoming, Epcot would be pretty close to being “finished for the time being.” I get it that Mission Space could use an upgrade, Nemo is a little tired, Wonders of Life remains empty, Mary Poppins looked wonderful and even Soarin kind of needs its third iteration, but none of those are as urgent. Buzz Lightyear is bad and looks worse since Toy Story Mania came online. But I would make that part of a much larger Tomorrowland overhaul, which looks extremely dated compared to the rest of the MK.

  2. Whoa on changing Peter Pan! It is perfect for a nostalgic time travel journey into the original Disneyland ride. A simple and innocent reminder of gentler times.
    Re Spaceship Earth: another original that’s worth keeping. It’s great to have a long ride that showcases vintage audio-animatronic figures in various, interesting scenes. Add complexity to the audio-animatronics, and you get frequent breakdowns a la Rise of the Resistance or completely broken down effects, as in Expedition Everest.
    Finally, Journey into Imagination is a perfect example of making changes to a classic ride and coming up with a much worse version. They should have left that ride alone, as its original incarnation was charming. If they’re going to change it, just go back to the original, which many guests are too young to have ever seen. It will seem new to them!