3 Secret Tips To Getting On Flight Of Passage FASTER in Disney World

Everyone wants to ride the most popular rides at Disney World.

Flight of Passage Queue

The problem with everyone wanting to ride these rides is that it means wait times will typically be high.  Recently, we’ve been seeing these high wait times on Flight of Passage at Disney’s Animal Kingdom. We don’t mind waiting in line just like everyone else– but when you have a busy day at Disney World, a 120-minute wait doesn’t seem too appealing. Lucky for you– we have some SECRET tips on how to get on Flight of Passage faster so you can uh… fly!

1. Purchase an individual lightning lane

Okay, we know this isn’t too much of a secret — but if you’re on a time crunch and want to spend the least amount of time in line for FOP as possible, this may be your best option.  It can get expensive depending on how many people are in your party and isn’t included with your purchase of Genie+, so keep that in mind when considering this option.

Flight of Passage Lightning Lane

2. Rope Drop

If you’re looking for a free option, look no further. Plan to get to the park early for this one! Rope dropping Flight of Passage is a great way to avoid the long lines that build up in the middle of the day. You’ll still experience a decent wait time since others probably have the same idea, but you (hopefully) won’t be faced with the 120-minute wait times we see all too often for this attraction.

Flight of Passage Wait Times

3. Wait until the end of the night

When it comes to Animal Kingdom, a lot of people tend to leave around 2pm to park hop to another park. This is because it closes the earliest out of all the parks at Disney World. So, when you plan your DAK day, plan to go for the second half of the day– or stay for the entire day to experience the shortest wait times.

Flight of Passage

If you don’t want to get up super early or risk being late to the rope drop line, try waiting until the end of the night to get in line! We’ve noticed that wait times are shorter later in the evening. You’re even allowed to get into the line for any ride up until it is time for the park to close. So, if the park closes at 7pm — hop into line at 6:59 and you’ll be golden.

Flight of Passage Ride Vehicles

Flight of Passage is truly a unique experience. Whether you’re excited to ride on a banshee or to see the beautiful sights of Pandora in a whole new way — this ride proves to do all of it.  Sivako — Rise to the challenge, and enjoy your journey.

Flight of Passage Queue

Keep checking in with us at AllEars for tips and tricks to use at Disney World!

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