Here’s What’s on Disney World’s DOLLAR MENU

Cha-Ching! That’s the sound of you being a savvy Disney foodie.

Mickey Pretzels are a classic!

Eating your way around Disney World can really put a dent in your vacation budget. Every snack, treat, and meal can add up quickly. We’re even seeing the revival of the Disney Dining Plan soon to help curb the expenses while you’re actually ON vacation and pay for meals in advance. But, you’re looking for the real deals around the parks and hotels, and we’ve rounded up the best deals you’ll find!

If you’re familiar with McDonald’s version of a value menu, then you know exactly what we’re talking about with a dollar menu. If by some chance you’ve somehow (amazingly) avoided glancing at their dollar menu, then you should know this is where McDonald’s lists their lowest-priced items (preferably as close to $1 as possible) as options.

McDonald’s in Disney World

Most of these offerings are going to be sides or things to help “upgrade” your tasty meal, and we think we’ve cracked the code and unlocked EVERYTHING on Disney’s (proverbial) dollar menu.

Cheddar Cheese Sauce

Ah yes, our beloved cheese sauce, but you may know it best by our affectionate name we’ve dubbed it “plastic cheese.”

Plastic Cheese

Ok, we’re pretty sure there’s no “plastic” in this but we’ve nicknamed it that due to its shiny luster. This sunshine in a cup has the same golden cheddar consistency of nacho cheese sauce you might find drizzled over your nachos at a local concession stand, and we have a hard time finding things this super side DOESN’T pair well with. You can find your new best snack accessory at several quick service locations throughout the Disney World theme parks.


All that talk about nachos reminded us that chili is also available for just $1!

Cup of chili

At select quick service locations through the Disney World parks, you can order a side cup of meaty chili with kidney beans served warm. Of course, if you’re feeling bold, paring both a cup of chili AND plastic cheese with a serving of fries or crunchy nacho chips makes for a snack hack home run hit right out of the park!

Chili Cheese Nachos

Now that’s a neat trick to impress your friends with!


Don’t underestimate our powers to sniff out the best cheesy deals around because Mexico has our next dollar menu item with their queso.


A side of queso can be ordered at La Cantina de San Angel with your meal for extra dipping (or drizzling). This cheese is a bit thicker and is white but if you’ve ever ordered a cheese dip from your favorite local Mexican food spot, your taste buds will recognize it instantly.

Chocolate Sauce

This next side is super versatile and can be paired with sweet and savory items — warm chocolate sauce.

Chocolate Sauce

We don’t subscribe to the idea that there’s ever such thing as too much plastic cheese, but if you’re looking to calm your sweet tooth craving and want to opt for something different, try pairing this chocolate sauce with your next Mickey pretzel…

Churros with Chocolate Sauce

or churro… and then come back and share some with us because we’re hungry now.

Cup of Frosting

Who says you can’t be a savvy snacker OUTSIDE of the Disney World parks? If you’re stopping by Gideon’s Bakehouse (let’s face it, who ISN’T?) ask about their cups of frosting. Technically this one stretches to $1.50 but that’s less than $2 so, snack math, right?

Peanut Butter Buttercream Frosting

In the past when we’ve stopped by to grab this little-known cup of happiness (along with our cookies) they’ve offered icing in peanut butter and vanilla flavors. Whether you use it with your cookies or not is totally your call, but we’re not discouraging eating this stuff by the spoonful as a stand-alone snack either — we won’t ask questions!

Grilled Cheese Donut — With Bacon!

Ok, you caught us. This one is technically an upgrade to an existing snack but once you try it for yourself you’ll feel like you’re bending the rules of the snack multiverse.


When you order a grilled cheese sandwich or burger from Everglazed Donuts & Cold Brew in Disney Springs, you have the option to switch out your boring bread slices for DOUGHNUT BUNS at only $1 more — we’re not kidding! Now, if you’re feeling super splurgy and want to add in the bacon for that extra pop of flavor, you’ve basically rounded out all the food groups, and we applaud your savviness.

Ice Cream Toppings & Sauces

There’s one more that reigns supreme above them all (and comes in way under budget). The next time you pick up an ice cream dessert from the Plaza Ice Cream Parlor, glance at the toppings and sauces — they’re only $0.69 to add!

MMM! Look at all those toppings

That’s right — go wild! We’re talking about all the toppings they have to offer plus hot fudge and caramel sauce so you can savor every bite customized to your liking.

So the next time you question the best way to stretch your snacking budget, you’ll already be ahead of the game because you’re now well-versed in the cheapest eats in all of Disney World.

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Can you think of anything else that should be on Disney World’s dollar menu? Sound off in the comments below!

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