The Rare Disney World Characters Only the Pros Know About

Listen, we love meeting our favorite Disney characters when we’re in the parks. Don’t you?!

Mickey in EPCOT

And with so many characters to choose from, it can be overwhelming. But today, we’re talking about some of the rarest meet and greets at Disney World. Let’s dive right in!

Disney World has a lot of character meet and greets. You can meet characters in the parks and in the hotels. But let’s make a list of the ones that don’t come out to play too often that you should plan on meeting on your next Disney World trip.

Earth Day

Earlier this year, Earth Day to be specific, we got to meet Gypsy from A Bug’s Life.

She’s stunning!

We got a chance to say hello to Tinker Bell and Fawn. Now, we’ve met Tinker Bell before, but Fawn is a character we don’t get to see very often.

Tinker Bell and Fawn

We also got to meet Baloo and King Louie, two characters we also rarely see at the parks.

Baloo and King Louie

These characters were only around for one day, so they were a really rare experience for us!


Easter is a great time to see some of the rarest Disney characters like the Easter Bunny and Mrs. Bunny in Magic Kingdom! 

Hi Mr. and Mrs. Easter Bunny!

You can also meet and talk to them, take photos with them on your phone, or even get PhotoPass photos taken. In the paste, we found them at the pavilion in Liberty Square at various times each day.

Emma and the Easter Bunnies!

Talking about bunnies and rabbits, sometimes the ultra-rare Rabbit from the Hundred Acre Wood can appear in a few spots in Disney World, typically appearing at the Crystal Palace during character dining meals or during shows, like parades.

It’s a great day for Disney character interactions!

You can try making a Crystal Palace reservation and cross your fingers, but truthfully Rabbit is just rare in Disney World!

Long time, no see!

Keep an eye out during holiday parties and know he might just pop up completely randomly.

Disney+ Day

Over at Hollywood Studios on Disney+ Day,  we’ve seen several rare characters appear throughout the day! We got to see characters like Mr. Fredrickson from Up, make an appearance. 

Carl, Dug, and Russell!


Now, switching to Halloween, there are a ton of rare characters that come out to play like Genie hanging out with Jasmine and Aladdin near The Magic Carpets of Aladdin

Jasmine greeting guests

Jack and Sally from The Nightmare Before Christmas are also a popular couple you can meet. Below is when they surprised us in EPCOT, but during Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party, these rare characters can be found at the Town Square Theater!

Jack and Sally

You can also see Max dressed as Powerline! Here’s the deal. Before the Boo-To-You Parade starts, you get a bit of a “pre-show.” During that pre-show, there’s a special 90s crew that comes through led by Max Goof dressed as Powerline.

Hey Max!

You can also find him sometimes on Grand Avenue in Disney’s Hollywood Studios, right before the gateway to Galaxy’s Edge.

Powerline Max!

Now let’s talk about some villains. How about our good friend the Headless Horseman?

The headless horseman!

You can also see Madame Renatta at the Haunted Mansion.

Madame Renatta by the Haunted Mansion

We’ve seen Jafar make an appearance looking smug as usual. 


And keep your eyes peeled during the Boo To You Parade as you can see villains like Oogie Boogie, Bowler Hat Guy from Meet the Robinsons, the Queen of Hearts, Dr. Facilier, and more.

Oogie Boogie, the Queen of Hearts, Bowler Hat Guy, and Dr. Facilier

While you might not be able to actually “meet” some of these characters, just catching a glimpse of them in the parks can be fun too since they so rarely come out!

As always, stay tuned to AllEars for all the latest Disney news!

ALL the Characters You Can Meet at Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party in Disney World!

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