Unexpected Poses for On-Ride Photos at Disney World

Do you ever say to your friends, “Hey guys, what should we do for the photo?” before riding Space Mountain? We do this pretty much every time we hop on one of the rides at Disney World that have an on-ride photo.


We thought it would be super fun and useful if we came up with a list of unexpected on-ride poses so you don’t have to contemplate what to do the next time you’re ready to snap a photo on a ride!

Rides With Photos

Here’s a list of the rides with on-ride photos in the Disney parks.

At Disney World:

PhotoPass Photo on Hollywood Tower of Terror ©Disney

At Disneyland:

PhotoPass Photo on Space Mountain ©Disney


  • Reenacting moments. We love pretending to be a character from our favorite Disney films while on the rides. It’s always fun to see if your friends or family can guess who you were trying to be! We also enjoy coordinating character poses, especially with large groups. While riding on Seven Dwarfs Mine Train, you and your large group can pose as Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. It makes for a really cute shot and it goes perfectly with the ride!
  • Looking away from the camera. This is a really fun one to do on Space Mountain since it’s easy to forget which side the camera is on anyway. As a helpful tip though, the camera is located on whichever side the ride vehicle turns toward.
Space Mountain On-Ride Photo
  • Bringing props. A few fun props include board games of any sort, turkey legs (trust us, we’ve SEEN some things), and floaties. Some type of floating device would be fun on a water ride like Pirates of the Caribbean. Another fun one for Pirates (and Tiana’s Bayou Adventure when that opens in 2024) is ponchos. If the whole family hides beneath them or has them on, it makes for a really cute photo. We’ve even seen people playing a full game of chess! This one is really fun if you are traveling in a pair.
Props Can Make a Fun Addition to Your Photo! (Note: Splash Mountain has closed to be rethemed as Tiana’s Bayou Adventure which is set to open in 2024.)
  • Coordinated poses. This is sort of like the idea above, except it doesn’t have to be Disney themed. For example, you could all be rock stars on Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster or pirates on Pirates of the Caribbean. The poses themselves might not be unexpected, but it does make a huge statement when everyone in your party does the same pose! It also creates a picture that you would actually want to print and frame!
Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster Ride Photos
  • Showing no reaction. This is an option that is SO FUN to use on the scarier rides like DINOSAUR or Tower of Terror. People always want to pretend like they’re terrified on these rides…or maybe they ARE terrified? But the best reaction can be showing no reaction at all. It’s much more unexpected and you’ll likely stand out in the crowd of other riders.
AllEars.net Editor Deb Koma’s son sleeps through Expedition Everest
  • Proposing for prom and marriage. This one is probably the most unexpected of the options we’ve come up with! Most of the time, the one proposing will create some sort of paper or poster with the question written on it. They lift it or show it just in time for the photo in hopes that the person they’re proposing to doesn’t notice. It is always so fun to see their reaction when they view the ride photo.  Most of the time, the other person has NO idea what’s going on!

There’s a NEW Way to Take Your Selfies in Disney World

No matter how you decide to pose in your next Disney ride photo, we hope you have fun while doing it! Interested in learning more about Disney World rides? Check out our videos below!

What are your favorite on-ride poses? Let us know in the comments below! 

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12 Replies to “Unexpected Poses for On-Ride Photos at Disney World”

  1. i have a great one from Paris pirates of the Caribbeanmight not be appropriate for here but i still find it funny and confusing as to how they got away with it (its a guy mooning in the front roe lol)

  2. Someone now has to do a video on where all the cameras are at on the rides so we know when to prepare our poses.

    1. When my son was 5, he went on Splash Mountain for the first time. When we hit the drop, the camera caught him plugging his nose! He told me later he wanted to be ready if he went under water.

  3. With the new mask policy we’ve discovered the downside is when you have a great pose but someone on the ride has their mask down and you don’t get your photo. Bummer

  4. My biggest pet peeve are the people who raise their arms, covering the faces of the people behind them. C’mon people, other vacationers want a memory of the ride too!

  5. I like one where the girl on Space Mountain was posing like she was taking a picture at a Sear’s portrait studio.

  6. My wife and I rarely get to sit together on rides. When were were together on Everest in the back of the car, we secretly agreed to kiss for the photo. The kids all did “arms up”. They ran off the ride to see the photo and were horrified when they saw it.