84% of Disney Fans Really LOVE This Controversial Hotel Change

Disney World’s hotels are constantly changing.

Art of Animation Resort

New items and eats are introduced frequently, and there’s tons of construction going on at multiple different resorts at the moment. Some Disney fans aren’t big on some of the changes taking place, but it turns out that this ONE Disney World hotel change is hitting the mark with a large majority of Disney fans.

Recently, Disney has been adding more Disney IP into their hotels that didn’t have much to begin with. IP stands for Intellectual Property and that refers to any of Disney’s original works like Moana. This has been a controversial decision, as many Disney guests want some of the resorts to stay loosely-themed resorts.

Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort

Back in 2021, Disney debuted the new Incredibles rooms at Disney’s Contemporary Resort, which have been a hit with some, but many guests are not a fan or wish Disney went a different direction.

Incredibles rooms at the Contemporary

Then in 2022, Disney unveiled their new Mary Poppins-inspired rooms over at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort and Spa. These weren’t as controversial, since the theming is a little less obvious than the Incredibles rooms.

Mary Poppins-inspired rooms

One of the biggest resort refurbishments was over at Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort where they unveiled Moana-themed rooms. Despite Moana being one of the more recent Disney films, this change was also resisted by many Disney fans.

Moana-Themed Rooms at Disney’s Polynesian Resort

So imagine our surprise when we took to Instagram to ask just how controversial these decisions have been, only to find that 84% of the Disney fans that voted actually LOVE these redesigns!

Many Disney fans LOVE these changes!

This may be one of those scenarios where the idea is liked overall, but there are specific instances that Disney fans do not approve of. If you’re not looking for Disney-theming in your hotel room, you can always stay at one of Disney’s Good Neighbor hotels to save some money and separate yourself from the park a bit.

Many Good Neighbor Hotels are near Disney Springs

As always, stay tuned to AllEars for all the latest Disney hotel news!

You may not have been expecting these Disney World hotel changes, but they’re here now

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Do you agree with the 84%? Or do you dislike these changes? Tell us in the comments!

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5 Replies to “84% of Disney Fans Really LOVE This Controversial Hotel Change”

  1. If you did the hotels separately, you would find that incredible rooms are an embarrassment compared to the other themed rooms. Who picked that design? It belongs in the art of animation rooms, not the Contemporary!!!!

  2. It definitely depends on the type of theming for me. I like subtle touches, like when I stayed at Coronado and the Three Caballeros featured on the light sconces. The pictures of the Moana rooms are too much though.

  3. If I am going to stay at a Disney resort then I want a Disney themed room. Especially if I were traveling from outside the country. I can get generic at ANY other hotel in the world. I assume that Disney began using generic elements to make things cheaper – as if they can’t afford it. If you don’t like it, stay off property or at a Good Neighbor hotel.

    1. I agree. I’ve stayed at one of the Royal rooms at Riverside a couple of times and it was magical icing on the cake of being at WDW.

    2. Totally agree! I was really surprised to find out people didn’t like a lot of Disney theming in the rooms. And I always wondered why there wasn’t so much more.