The Worst Place To Go in Disney World After Dark

Disney after dark is a favorite time of day for many people.

Magic Kingdom Fireworks

Oftentimes, crowds are lower at night than during the day, and many people find the parks even more magical when they’re all lit up at night. If you’re staying at a deluxe resort, you may even have access to extended evening hours! But some places aren’t the best for hanging out after darkhere’s what our readers had to say about where they wouldn’t suggest going.

We actually asked our readers on Twitter where their FAVORITE places to go at night are in Disney World, and we got several favorites and least favorites.

It IS better at night

Here are our readers’ least favorite spots to go at night!

Animal Kingdom

Animal Kingdom isn’t the best place to hang out at night for a few different reasons. While the animals may be more active heading into the night, the park usually closes earlier than the others, so it gives you less time to explore.

Animal Kingdom

Additionally, the majority of the park (besides Pandora) is very dark for many guests, which can make it hard to find your way around.


Animal Kingdom is also the park with the least amount of activities to do in many guests’ eyes, so many feel it’s a half-day park. Usually, guests will choose the earlier half of the day to experience what Animal Kingdom has to offer, and then park hop in the early afternoon.

Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Many of our readers also shared they’re not a fan of Hollywood Studios after dark. Some said they feel it’s because it feels a little too much like Los Angeles at night. Which, yes, parts of the park are 100% supposed to feel like that, but if you’ve ever walked in L.A. at night, you know how that can feel.

Hollywood Studios

However, many readers enjoy experiencing Galaxy’s Edge at night, and if you’re a big Star Wars fan, we definitely recommend visiting the area both during the day and at night to get the full experience.

Galaxy’s Edge in Hollywood Studios

So where should you go at night? Our readers recommended EPCOT and Magic Kingdom over the other two parks but we’ll go into detail about exactly what makes these parks so special when the sun sets.

Magic Kingdom

Many of our readers share that Magic Kingdom is their favorite spot to go because of the magic of Main Street, U.S.A. at night. The ambiance is really something special to many guests.

Fantasyland crowds

Lots of guests will stake out a spot for the fireworks, which means you can use the time to ride as many rides as possible with shorter waits! Or, if the park is open after the fireworks, many guests will leave after the show, leaving the park emptier for the last hour or so.

Magic Kingdom Fireworks Crowds

Cinderella Castle all lit up is a favorite among many guests, as well as the lights from Tomorrowland.


The majority of our readers said EPCOT is their favorite spot to go at night though, especially World Showcase!

EPCOT at night is so fun!

The different pavilions at night are certainly magical, and one of our readers even pointed out that the flares being lit around the park at night is really what ups the ambiance for them.

China Pavilion at night

If you purchase Park Hopper tickets, you can always visit parks like Animal Kingdom during the day and then hop over to one of the more ideal nighttime spots in Disney World. There are also plenty of other places to check out at night including spots like Disney’s BoardWalk!

As always, stay tuned to AllEars for all the latest Disney news.

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Where would you not go at night in Disney World? Tell us in the comments!

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