Abigail Disney CLOSES Film Production Company

Over the years, various film companies and studios have shut down — including some tied to the Walt Disney Company or the Disney family.

Walt Disney [left], Roy O. Disney [left center], Card Walker [center right] and Joe Fowler [right] look over plans for Walt’s Florida Project. [The Walt Disney Company]
Back in 2021, Disney announced that it would be closing one of its animation studios (Blue Sky Studios). And now a member of the Disney family is closing a company of her own.

Abigail Disney is the daughter of Roy E. Disney and the granddaughter of Roy O. Disney (Walt Disney’s brother who co-founded the Walt Disney Company with him).

For years, Abigail Disney has voiced her opinion of the Walt Disney Company and has not held back when it comes to sharing some harsh criticisms. In early 2022, she released a documentary titled The American Dream and Other Fairy Tales, which aimed to show that the Walt Disney Company had become “ground zero of the widening inequality in America.”

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Abigail Disney has also commented on pay inequality between Disney’s leadership and Cast Members in the parks. Abigail Disney once said that she “cannot see [Roy Disney] taking $66 million home for a year’s work in the same year when at the same company, people can’t afford food. I don’t see that happening.”

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Now, we’ve got another update about Abigail Disney, or rather a documentary film studio she co-founded. According to Variety, Abigail Disney has shut down Fork Films. The company produces and funds documentaries and feature films. It was behind a variety of films, including One Child Nation and The Tale. American Dream and Other Fairy Tales was also a Fork Films production (in association with Chicago Media Project).

Due to the closure of the film studio, “fewer than 10 positions have been eliminated.” A spokesperson for Fork Films has indicated that the staff was notified of the upcoming closure back in February and had been working to wind down the company by September 30th, 2022.

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The Fork Films spokesperson told Variety, “After much reflection, Abigail decided to close Fork Films…several Fork Films’ staff members will continue working on ‘The American Dream and Other Fairy Tales,’ its release and impact campaign in the coming months. She plans to continue making films.”

So while Fork Films seems to be ending, it appears Abigail Disney will continue to work on films. Will more of them focus on the Walt Disney Company? We’ll have to wait and see.

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Stay tuned for more news.

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