Would You Happily Drop $300 Each On a Disney World Dinner?

So many offerings are returning to Disney World this year, including character meet and greets, shows, and dining locations — like Victoria & Albert’s!

Entrance to Victoria & Albert’s

Victoria & Alberts finally reopened on July 28th this year, and it returned with some hefty price increases. So, we checked in with our readers to see if the dining experience is worth the new price tag!

We asked our readers on Facebook, “Is Victoria & Albert’s worth the huge expense in Disney World?” Here’s what they said!

You Bet!

Most of our readers believe the experience is worth the price! Many readers cited how it’s a dining experience you’ll never stop talking about, with one comment saying, “I gifted my parents a dinner there ten years ago for their anniversary- they STILL talk about it. They were amazed.”


Another comment agreed and said, “We did it on our 10th & 25th Anniversary and we still talk about it.” One reader added, “It’s been 7 years and we still talk about how amazing it was. It was truly a magical experience!”


Aside from it being an experience you’ll never forget, another commenter shared that they especially enjoy the wine pairing. That reader also provided some wise advice in regards to the offering, saying that she “would not recommend early breakfast plans the next day.” Solid tip!

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Price is deterring others from the dining location, however — even for those who previously enjoyed the experience. One reader shared, “At the previous pricing, absolutely. But the new prices are making us reconsider.”

Victoria & Albert’s

Another commenter said, “It was totally worth it with amazing food, service, pairings, treats and special touches. However with price increases I am not sure anymore.”


And, on a lighter note, one reader discouraged others from dining at this location, as “it ruins every other restaurant experience you will have for a while.”

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And there you have it — the price will still be worth the experience to some, while others will be heading to different dining locations instead. To join in on the next conversation, be sure to follow our Facebook page.

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And, as always, stay tuned to AllEars for the latest Disney news!

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What do you think — is Victoria & Albert’s still worth the price? Let us know in the comments!

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2 Replies to “Would You Happily Drop $300 Each On a Disney World Dinner?”

  1. I was planning to take my wife here for our 40th anniversary. That was before the price hike. Now we will have to “settle” for Jiko or Topolino’s Terrace. We have had dinner at Remy on Fantasy, which is a similar experience, and it was incredible! The cost to replicate it at Victoria and Alberts would be 3 times what we paid, including tip and the wine experience. As good as it may be, it’s not worth $1,000 for 2 people.

  2. Ate at queen Victoria room a few years back. You can’t really put a price on an experience like that. Yes, it was 700+ dollars but your treated like royalty. 2 dinners plus split wine tasting which was more than enough alcohol considering the number of glasses we were served. Every dish, utensil, glass is perfectly paired with each course. No napkin is reused if you get up from the table. They did things with food I didn’t know were possible. It was like 14 courses including the surprise and 4+ hours. We could have stayed longer. Something everyone should do once for a special occasion. Made Ruth Chris, and Johnny’s Carino’s look like fast food.