AllEars TV: Is This Really the WORST Restaurant in Disney World?

Is there any good seafood in Disney World? Yes…and no. Molly is headed to one of the best restaurants, the Boathouse, but also one of the all-time worst, the Coral Reef, for this Seafood Smackdown.

Coral Reef Restaurant
Coral Reef Restaurant

Is the Coral Reef really as bad as everyone says? Can the Boathouse convert Molly to a seafood lover? We’ve got full reviews of both in this latest foodie series!

Click this Video to Check out Molly Go to Coral Reef Restaurant!

What are your favorite restaurant to go to in EPCOT? Let us know in the comments below!

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2 Replies to “AllEars TV: Is This Really the WORST Restaurant in Disney World?”

  1. I’ve given this place a couple of tries and I wasn’t impressed with any of it. Even the ambiance is completely ruined by the constant LOUD noise of clanking dishes. We were expecting it to be romantic the first time we went and it has such potential to BE that place, but NOPE! It was like the sound of the dishes resonated off of the glass or something and it sounded like we were all sitting IN the kitchen, by the dishwasher. I don’t know why they didn’t at least try to make this one an upscale, elegant dining experience? The lobster bisque was very good but I made the mistake of getting some sort of stuffed vegetable pepper and it tasted like pure dirt! I couldn’t eat it.

  2. We went to the Boathouse 3 years ago on our last trip to WDW. Thought the food was just ok, but maybe things have changed since then. I did end up getting sick with nausea and vomiting the next morning, so that probably didn’t help sway my opinion in their favor 🙁 Not saying it was due to their food, but it could have possibly played a role.