MOHAWK Minnie Ears Have Arrived in Disney World

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We’ve seen some interesting Minnie ears over the years.

We’ve seen LOTS of ears!

We’ve seen fuzzy Ewok ears, cumbersome Mighty Thor ears, and even pairs of ears that cost several hundred dollars. But the ones that very well may take the cake are the Captain Marvel ears we saw in Disneyland a few months ago. What makes them so unique? Their mohawk, of course! After seeing them in Disneyland, we spotted them online, and now, they’ve made their way to Disney World.

We were strolling through the Magic Kingdom this morning when we spotted the yellow mohawk-ed ears.

Captain Marvel Ears in Disneyland

They are red, blue, and gold, with Captain Marvel’s logo on both ears. The back of the right ear has her motto, “Higher Further Faster,” and the side of the headband has her colors, as well.

Back of the ears

And, of course, they’ve got a fuzzy yellow mohawk right smack dab in the middle. Captain Marvel does sport a mohawk, so it’s not unrealistic to see a mohawk on a pair of ears inspired by the character, but, even months later, we’re still curious about this design choice.

Fuzzy mohawk

If you want to grab a pair for yourself, we found them at the Emporium in Magic Kingdom for $29.99. You can also get them online on shopDisney.

Click here to buy the Captain Marvel ears

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There are lots of ears available online right now!

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