The Easiest Way to Get to Magic Kingdom Just Got Harder

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Hey there, Magic Kingdom!

Whether that’s advice on what to eat, what to ride, or where to stay — we’ve got opinions and firsthand advice for most scenarios! But today, one of our favorite transportation tips has been thrown out the window, and we’re mourning the loss.

If you’ve ever been to Magic Kingdom in the morning, then you know how busy the Transportation & Ticket Center can get! Here at the Magic Kingdom parking area, you’ll first have to park your car, then go through temp check and security, then board the monorail or ferry to ride across to the park — it can be a bit of a hassle when you’re anxious to get inside and start knocking out some rides.

The TTC gets pretty busy in the AM!

And in the morning, those monorail and ferry lines can get pretty long when a whole crowd of people is trying to get into the park — that’s why we’ve usually recommended taking a bus. After you go through security and past the ticket booths, if you turn to the right, you’ll typically find a Disney bus waiting to take guests to Magic Kingdom…and it hardly ever has a line!

This was one of our favorite choices!

We’ve used this form of transportation to beat the crowds to the parks many times and it has been very helpful. Previously it was only offered in the morning time and didn’t offer service back to the parking lot throughout the day, but it was great if you were trying to rope drop.

Spring Break was a great time to use this service.

Unfortunately, those buses have now been gone for two days in a row! We spoke to a Cast Member to find out why and we were told that not enough guests were using them to make it worth it.

Oh no!!!

The Cast Member said that they may run the buses occasionally from now on — if it’s a particularly busy day like a weekend or holiday. We’re really going to miss our quiet and speedy bus ride to Magic Kingdom each day!

A sad little empty lot.

So what’s our advice from here on out? Well, if it looks like the monorail and ferry are going to take a little while, just check and see if a bus is available. If not, you’ll have to use your best judgment to see which mode of transportation has a shorter line. We hope that one day, our beloved buses can come back in full force.

We hope to see them again!

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