These Are All the Health and Safety Protocols We Saw at SeaWorld Orlando!

SeaWorld Orlando reopened today, and we’ve been taking you LIVE with us around the park!


We’ll be bringing you details on entertainment, dining, and more throughout the day, but we also experienced some new (and some familiar) sanitation and safety protocols when we were at SeaWorld Orlando today.

Although we’ve already given you details on the health and safety procedures and limited hours that SeaWorld would be using, we’re taking you with us to look at all the new guidelines that the parks have set up to protect visitors.

Parking Procedures

It was a bit of a busy morning trying to get into the parks, since many people were arriving to explore SeaWorld for the grand reopening.

SeaWorld Reopening Day

Disney World and Universal Orlando have been maintaining that cars park in every other space when they visit. SeaWorld Orlando also followed this procedure, directing guests to spaces that left enough room between cars to follow distancing measures. Cones blocked the spots that were not in use.


Temperature Checks

The temperature checks that we have experienced at Disney Springs and in the Universal Orlando theme parks have run very smoothly. This morning at SeaWorld, the line seemed a bit long but moved quickly.

Temperature Screening Line

Throughout the line, there were social distancing markers and reminders…

Spatial Distancing Markers

…an overhead announcement reminding guests to follow the health and safety protocols…

Health Overview

…and hand-sanitizing stations available before you went through temperature checks.

Hand Sanitizer

SeaWorld Orlando has guests enter a tent for temperature screenings…

Temperature Screening Tent

…where a team member will wave a contactless wand over each person’s forehead to check if their temperature is below 100.4 degrees.

Temperature Checks

Face Masks

All the guests and employees at SeaWorld Orlando are required to wear face masks in the parks. However, the parks are offering disposable face masks if someone doesn’t have them, as well as selling them (and hand-sanitizer) in their merchandise locations.

Supplies for Sale

Read more about the face masks for sale at SeaWorld here!

Distancing Measures

At the entrance to SeaWorld Orlando, there are three distinct zones. Each “zone” is designated for self-service ticketing, full-service ticket windows, and park entrance and bag check.

SeaWorld Zones

There are multiple distancing markers on the ground at the ticketing locations…

SeaWorld Entrance

…and the bag check area to keep guests distanced from one another.

Bag Check Line

The security officers at bag check are behind partitions as people go through the lines. We found that the main entrance takes a bit longer to go through since the officers have to scan two things per person. However, this is due to guests having to either switch between two documents or screens in the app when they enter.

Bag Check

Merchandise locations are also recommending that guests social distance in the stores and have a line for guests to wait behind when they go to make a purchase at the counter.

SeaWorld Gift Shop

When you’re viewing one of the animal exhibits, there are dots on the ground for guests to stand on (like we’ve seen at Universal Orlando to watch shows like The Blues Brothers).

Spatial Distancing

Parties are asked to stay on that specific dot so they are distancing themselves from other guests who also want to view the exhibit.

Dolphin Nursery

The Shark Encounter at SeaWorld is still open, but the interactive areas are closed. Usually, there are activities and photo opportunities where guests can climb inside a shark’s mouth, but they are being halted at this time.

Shark Encounter

The shark tunnel has shark markers on the conveyer belt to keep guests apart from each other as they admire all the sharks swimming around them (we spot Bruce!).

Shark Encounter

At quick-service restaurants, SeaWorld is using more distancing markers for guests to wait on before they place their orders.

Pretzel Kitchen

Normally, SeaWorld has a refillable mug program. However, they’re asking you to use a disposable cup to refill your mug at this time, instead of having a team member directly pour it into the refillable mug.

Concessions at SeaWorld’s Orca Encounter

The arena for the Orca Encounter show had numerous seating areas blocked off throughout the stadium. We found it pretty difficult to find seats that weren’t close to strangers due to this.

Orca Encounter

Every other section was completely blocked off as well as every other row in the areas that were open. There is basically one party per row or two if they are really small parties. However, while people were spaced out, it didn’t seem like they were 6 feet apart from other parties during our visit.

Orca Encounter

During the show, the trainers have masks on, and the water splashes are still frequent throughout the Orca Encounter.

Orca Encounter

When everyone is leaving, SeaWorld team members ask that guests stay seated before being directed out. To avoid a crowd leaving all at once, guests are dismissed one to two sections at a time by team members with colored flags.

Team Members at the Orca Encounter

Hand-Sanitizing Stations

SeaWorld Orlando had hand-sanitizing stations placed before guests entered and throughout the parks as everyone visited.

Hand-Sanitizing Stations

Capacity in Restaurants, Attractions, and Other Entertainment

Contactless Abilities

Currently, SeaWorld Orlando is using QR code maps instead of paper maps in the parks.

QR Code Map

We will continue to update this post throughout the day!

Take a look at everything happening in SeaWorld Orlando here!

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