More Details and Preview Released on Lightning McQueen’s Racing Academy Opening on Sunday!

Start your engines! Lightning McQueen’s Racing Academy drives into Hollywood Studios this Sunday!

Lightning McQueen’s Racing Academy ©Disney

During the 10-minute show you will play the role of rookie racers and will learn the rules of the road from none other than Piston Cup Champ Lightning McQueen.

As is true in the movies, and “real life”, your training may not go as planned — that’s when you will see Mater, Cruz Ramirez, and others from Radiator Springs roll in to give you a hand and get you back on track.

Lightning McQueen’s Racing Academy ©Disney

Watch this special preview of the attraction here.

That won’t be all the Cars fun in Hollywood Studios! Outside the Lightning McQueen’s Racing Academy attraction building you can meet Cruz Ramirez and enjoy a DJ led party on wheels. Several times a day McQueen’s Pit Crew show up  “DJ’s Ready! Set! Party Time!” where you can gather for Cars-inspired dancing and games.

You can read more about the new show in the following posts:

Will you race into Hollywood Studios for Lightning McQueen’s Racing Academy? Let us know in the comments below.

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2 Replies to “More Details and Preview Released on Lightning McQueen’s Racing Academy Opening on Sunday!”

  1. Great to have some McQueen stuff. Is this just a show, or will kids have wheels to ‘drive’ along? wondering what kind of experience it is if anyone knows. Thanks!

  2. Of all the articles about new attractions, those about Lighting McQueen Racing Academy always have very little and often no posts. Is this an indication of a lack of interest or dislike by WDW patrons?