How to Tell if You’re the Ultimate Disney Fan

There are a few things that scream that you’re a Disney Lover. These things go beyond just having a favorite Disney film or a love for visiting the parks.

Gaston with fans during the Princess Half Marathon

The ultimate Disney fan lives and breathes Disney on a day-to-day basis. And there are certain giveaways that tell how deep your love for Disney truly runs.

Tally up how many of the descriptions below are so YOU. Your number will reflect if you are indeed the ultimate Disney fan!

Guests Enjoying the Play Disney Parks App  ©Disney
  • You cry while watching or even just listening to the Happily Ever After nighttime show.
  • You wear your Mickey ears around the house or when picking up the kiddos from school.
  • Your home décor revolves around your favorite theme park merch.
  • You know every word to the Haunted Mansion intro and can recite it on the spot.
Haunted Mansion Stretching Room
  • “Por favor manténgase alejado de las puertas” means something to you, even if you don’t speak Spanish.
  • You have celebrated major life moments at one of the parks.
  • You start planning your next Disney vacation while you are still on your current vacation in the parks.
  • You have named a pet or even a child after a Disney character.
  • You associate smells with Disney rides or park locations.
  • You have Disneybounded when visiting the parks.

  • You know a LOT of Disney trivia. Real trivia. For example, you know when rides opened, Walt’s inspiration behind the parks, or the reason there is a brown river throughout Liberty Square.
  • You keep up with Disney news on a day-to-day basis.
  • You have a Disney game plan or typical route when you visit the parks.
  • If you aren’t part of Disney’s Vacation Club or an Annual Pass Holder, you dream that you were so you could visit the parks whenever you want.
Annual Passholder Cutting Board ©Disney
  • Walt holds a special place in your heart.
  • Your wardrobe is covered in Disney characters or is made up of park merchandise.
  • You can predict every turn on Space Mountain.
  • You have an entire playlist of all Disney music.
  • You have the countries in Epcot memorized in order, from Mexico to Canada, or reverse.
  • Mulan or Woody taught you how to be a leader.
  • You try to recreate Disney recipes at home.

Disney World Tonga Toast Recipe

Disney Mugs
  • You can name all of the Golden Age films. Chronologically.
  • Even your pet has Disney accessories.
  • You know where all of the Hidden Mickeys are in all the parks.
  • You have a go-to spot for fireworks in every park.
  • You have a favorite Imagineer.
  • You have a favorite holiday parade.
Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Parade
  • You cry while watching Finding Nemo, Toy Story 3, Wall-E, Up! OK, any Disney movie.
  • You know where you stand on the blue or pink dress debate.
  • You have mailed something from Main Street U.S.A.
  • You always stay for The Kiss Goodnight.
  • You dream of visiting all of the international parks. Or you already have.
  • You made it to the end of these bullet points!

If you scored between 30- 40, you are the ULTIMATE Disney fan!

If you scored between 20-30, you are a total lover of all things Disney!

If you scored between 10-20, you have probably seen the films, but Disney isn’t necessarily a huge part of your life.

If you scored between 0-10, you are probably just starting to learn about Disney, and that’s all right! You have come to the right place to read anything you could ever want to know about Disney and its theme parks!

What score did you get? What do you think makes you the ultimate Disney fan? Let us know in the comments below!

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5 Replies to “How to Tell if You’re the Ultimate Disney Fan”

  1. Loved this! I cried when it mentioned crying at Disney things! Been to WDW 23 times, so rack up about 320 days there, Disneyland California twice so that’s another 6 days, Disneyland Paris 10 times so another 50 days, 3 Disney cruises makes another 15 days & a trip to the Walt Disney Family Museum to add 1 more day on. Nearly 400 days of my life BEING at Disney, let alone all the news I read every day.

  2. I got 27 because I typically don’t cry anymore after 30 trips and countless viewings of the movies. I DO cry in the parks though…when the waitress brings my bill. Gets me everytime. I’m pretty sure I also cried at some point when I realized that I couldn’t afford to go anymore, and that I had probably gone enough times in my lifetime to make saving up for a few years just to go there again not really worth it. It’s a once in a lifetime kind of place now. I’m just glad, for 20 years of my life, I was able to go more than most people can even imagine. It truly was my second home and I was forever made fun of and questioned about why that was the only place I ever went. It’s hard not to be bitter after supporting a company for so many years and taking every friend you ever had so they could fall in love with it too, only to be priced out of it by greed. It really is a shame what they are doing. I feel like this is all I post about but I think deep down I’m hoping someone from Disney will see it and understand what they are doing. Wishful posting.

  3. I took the quiz answering questions as I would during my Disney addict period from 1986-2002. (Visited over 30 times and well over 100 days). I scored a 10.